DVD AmeriQua

DVD AmeriQua

Run time: 103 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Comedy
Director: Marco Bellone, Giovanni Consonni
Writers: Matteo Bortolotti, Bobby Kennedy III
Stars: Bobby Kennedy III, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Mary Stewart
AmeriQua is the story of a lazy recent graduate, Charlie (Bobby Kennedy), whose rich parents cut him off with a $5000 check and an ultimatum to start a life of independence and responsibility. Instead, he buys a plane ticket to Italy, gets robbed upon arrival and winds up in Bologna in the care of his new friend Lele (Lele Gabellone), the self-proclaimed King of Bologna, who lives with a scraggly punkabbestia, Ballo (Gianlucca Bazzoli), and the insatiable prostitute frequenter, Il Pisa (Giuseppe Sanfelice). In Bologna, Lele teaches Chrlie the subtle strategies that the King knows so well, namely hitting on Italian women, throwing all-night parties and inciting general anarchy. Charlie takes to it like a pro and in the process meets the dangerously beautiful Valentina (Alessandra Mastronardi) and all-American Jessica (Eva Amurri). It may have been a simple story of cultural exchange had Charlie not accidentally pissed off two vicious mafia bosses, Don Ferracane (Giancarlo Giannini) and… Written by antonellomautone@yahoo.it
Plot Keywords: bologna, italy, embassy, u.s. embassy, airport
Country: Italy
Release Date: 16 May 2013 (Italy)


  1. There was a lot of potential; Alec Baldwin, beautiful scenery, Alessandra Mastronardi one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in a while… but the movie really goes nowhere.

    A rich kid is given 5k and then cut off from his allowance. On a lark, he goes to Italy and is immediately robbed. He manages to steal the van the thieves drove unaware that there are some mysterious and important papers in the van. He visits a guy he met along the way and alleged hilarity ensues in what is supposed to be a 1) Coming of Age 2) Fish out of Water 3) Love Story that ends with dumb, illogical antics that seem stolen right out of Crocodile Dundee Part 3. The lead, Robert F. Kennedy III started off well but seemed to lose his bearings during the movie. Then, they added the warring Mafia clans, a jerk-off hit-man, an American girl studying abroad who may or may not like the main guy…. Meh, it gets a little messy. Plus, there is the whole "Was-it-a-dream?!" thing at the end. Really? Really??

    As a guy, if a wife/girlfriend forced me to watch this with them, it'd be OK. But not even the superhot Italian girl or Eva Amurri can get me to watch this again. C-.

  2. I love movies with some flavor and fun, think of EuroTrip, which is how I found this movie – searching for EuroTrip on Netflix. In spite of the poor rating, I decided to give it a shot. If you want to turn off your brain for a while and watch some amazing scenery, with a potentially interesting story, you won't regret watching this. However, ultimately there's no point to the movie. The lead actor is just weak and can't carry a scene. His new buddy Lele is a strong actor, as are the leading ladies. The other 2 new male friends in Italy are just nasty. Some characters actions make no sense, they never ask for help, characters slip into and out of English/Italian even when they supposedly don't speak the language. The plot gets mixed and pointless, with some odd camera work just to keep you off balance. But the worst sin is it never builds. There's no tension, no sense that it won't all work out in the end. And a building romantic relationship is suddenly just – gone. I kept expecting the main characters to work through everything and to stay in Italy building a life together, but noooo. They split without any sense of loss at all. It has so much potential, but ultimately had no direction, acting, or any redeeming qualities.

  3. The ending of the movie. I probably would have given this movie a 7-star rating if they had just ended it when Valentina arrived in NYC, but they didn't.

    I still thought it was a decent movie. It's not even close to my top 10 of worst movies I've ever seen. That being said, it isn't even close to my top 10 best movies I've ever seen either. I thought the acting was fine, the leads were good (Bobby Kennedy III was good as Charlie, Aleessandra Mastranardi was very good as Valentina). The only character that I don't believe added anything to the story, basically eye-candy, was Vicky (Eva Amurri), and if they were going for an eye-candy character, I would have rather seen the girl from the American embassy, Jenny (Jeanene Fox), more. The movie would have been just as good, or bad, without Eva Amurri's character.

  4. ***Warning: may contain spoilers***

    AmeriQua (also known as EuroTrapped), is a movie that was generously financed by Italian producers and the Bologna Municipality. The generosity shows with the breath-taking scenery, beautiful music and enticing food frequently displayed throughout the film.

    For all the grandeur of the stage, the actors and script of the film unfortunately, could not complement it. The story at first seemed quite compelling and unique, until it got itself lost in a maze of plots and subplots that even after the end of the film could not be resolved. Although some of the relationships (like Charley and Lele or Charley and Veronica) were nicely developed, the supporting characters just didn't seem to have enough lines or emphasis to complement the story. However, by the end of the film, even Charley and Veronica's romance seemed to just evaporate and lose its amour.

    The worst part of the film of course is the incredibly childish "it was all a dream" ending that reverts back to the film's very first scene. By the end of the film, you can't help but just go with the flow and see where the madness leads next until the final, inexplicable surprise.

    All in all, I gave the film a generous 6/10 mainly because it showcases the best of Italy and actually makes me want to visit the country – and Bologna in particular (something that the developers of the film clearly put emphasis on).

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