DVD Blokes

DVD Blokes

Run time: 94 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Adrian Van Rossum
Stars: Ice Ice, Shane Malaponte, Ron Odgers
Every few years best-mates Nudge, Magic and Two-Bags head into the Australian bush for a good dose of laughs, beer and fishing – but this year, things didn’t quite go to plan …. Filmed in the visually stunning outback of North Queensland, Australia, ‘Blokes’ is a comical road-trip into both Mother Nature’s bush and the politically-incorrect psyches of a blue-collar Aussie family-man, bed-bouncing bandicoot and romantically-rusty tragic. These blokes are off-work, off-road and off-ensive! Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: bush, fishing, australian, off road, australia
Country: Australia
Release Date: 26 July 2013 (Australia)

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  1. BLOKES (2013) Directed, Produced, Written, Edited & Filmed by Adrian Van Rossum.

    Starring: Ron Odgers, Rick Romeo, Robert Zandonadi

    "BLOKES" is an independent Australian film from the mind of bloke Adrian Van Rossum. In the vein of Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption "BLOKES" has been picking its way from the mind of Mr. Van Rossum to us since that first blog post way back in 2007 on the films website when it was just an idea making its way to paper. Fast Forward to 2013 the film Headlined the Whitsunday Film Festival and had a brief theatrical run in Ayr, Charters Towers & Townsville to much acclaim, hey it even outsold Hughie's 'The Wolverine'.

    Now, let it be said I am a proud North Queensland 'Bloke' who has followed the films development for a couple of years now, and can relate heavily to the film but I feel without being too biased this review will give fair reasoning as to why you more removed folks should kick back and take in this wonderful piece of Australiana.

    In summary the film follows 3 mates, Nudge, Two-Bags & Magic. 'Every few years, 3 best friends head into the Australian bush for laughter, beer and fishing – but this year things don't quite go to plan.' (excerpt from Blokes IMDb page). The 3 leading Blokes present themselves as just that, Blokes, engaging in an assortment of conversation from sheila's and rooting to big world issues…and then some more rooting, these are all scenarios Blokes can see themselves in with the odd dose of philosophy.

    It's a credit to the script which is reminiscent of Kevin Smith's 'Clerks', a well known independent film turned cult classic that bares a place in the films slogan "Crocodile Dundee meets Clerks". I think they got it pretty bloody right, taking the practical of 'Crocodile Dundee' and offering monologues laced with out of the blue wisdom and observations of life that made 'Clerk's' the success it is.

    'BLOKES' offers some humorous but accurate takes on Blokes and their banter, touching on world class issues and putting it in a way that gives you a laugh and actually makes you think about the world today, a lot of people will find reflections of themselves in the film. Everything from dealing with tele-marketers to the ever expanding restrictions that are being placed on Aussies and their way of life, "Red Tape Australia" as the film often remarks.

    Now for anyone looking to go see the next 'Inception' or 'Pulp Fiction', this is not a film that dotes itself as having an overcomplicated plot. It however effectively communicates it's intent with the simplicity of a few mates going on a fishing trip and should be taken as such.

    Nudge (Ron Odgers) narrates throughout the film, offering sensible reflections of life and what it means to be not only a Bloke, but Australian. It truly is an accurate adaption of the true Aussie Bloke in today's modern, technologically red taped times. In essence the film reminds us to look at what's important and appreciate the little things, and how it's good to leave the rest behind once in a while.

    The film offers incredible visuals of Australia's natural beauty in North Queensland's Gulf Country, delivered in pristine Quality by the RED Camera used in production, which puts it on par with some of the most spectacularly done Hollywood visual effects. Some may find the pacing slow in places but I think this actually reflects essentially what the film is about, the Aussie way of life, laid back, relaxed, take it in, enjoy the scenery as it were.

    Put to an assortment of original Australian music, a majority in part done by lead actor & musician Ron Odgers (Nudge) and songs from Aussie band 'Bluesville Station', this brings another enjoyable and quality part to this unique Australian Film.

    The actors are just your everyday, hard working, blue collar Blokes having a crack at the Movie Star treatment and display good chemistry between one another and do well in delivering convincing performances that suit the film well and do not hold it back.

    Seeing these Blokes standing where I've stood, looking at what I've seen, the film has a way of making you feel like you're on the trip with them, you almost want to reach into the Esky and have a beer with them, unfortunately one drawback of the film is you gotta bring your own grog!

    In conclusion "BLOKES" is a unique film, a homage to that piece of cloth cut from the Aussie Rag known as Far North Queensland. For a first outing by Mr. Adrian Van Rossum this is a very well done film, and to think if this is the beginning, then any future projects under his further honed filmmaking skills will be a treat worth watching.

    For anyone (even you Sheila's) who enjoys a good laugh, a look at our beautiful country and maybe something to think about, then this is a film for you. Anyone who can relate to this film will take it for what it is and if it is a bit left field for you, heed the wise of words Nudge (Ron Odgers): "Take us as you find us, or p*ss off, no skin off my nose".

    Written by Jordan Abbey-Young.

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