DVD Catch of a Lifetime

DVD Catch of a Lifetime
DVD Catch of a Lifetime

Rating: 5.9
Genres: Romance
Director: Ben Klopfenstein
Writers: Ben Klopfenstein, Nick G. Miller
Stars: Julia Denton, Matthew Ashford, Corinne Broskette
Elaine Rose Chalmers has the perfect organized life. The host of her own Austin, Texas radio program, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Planning” spends her days advising callers on how charts, lists, and graphs can insure a peaceful, successful life and what results they can expect. But, what she doesn’t expect is the result of one very disorganized evening back home in the little town of McIntosh, Florida. It seems that one recent “very hard to remember evening” with Billy Joe Crawley, her high school sweetheart, has changed a few things on Elaine’s list. And now… she’s unexpectedly expecting! A baby hadn’t made her 2-year plan; she’d barely penciled it in at the bottom of the 5-yr goal sheet. And a one-night stand with a childhood friend hadn’t exactly been on her to-do list, either! Join Elaine, Billy Joe and a host of city people and bunch of good olĂ© southern folk as we watch how they deal with the one thing we all know is guaranteed in this life – change! Now it seems that for … Written by Connie Neumann
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012 (USA)

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