DVD Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

DVD Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver
DVD Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

Run time: 78 min
Rating: 3.9
Genres: Comedy | Fantasy | Horror
Director: William Butler, Silvia St. Croix
Writers: Muffy Bolding, William Butler
Stars: Mike C. Manning, Jacqui Holland, Jean Louise O’Sullivan
The gingerdead man travels back in time to 1976 and carries out an epic disco killing spree.
Plot Keywords: gingerdead, cookie, third in trilogy, spoof title, third part
Country: USA
Release Date: 13 September 2011 (USA)


  1. It's very rare that a horror series improves with every sequel, but in the case of the Gingerdead Man series it's true! If you're a fan of Full Moon and cheesy slasher flicks, you've probably seen Gingerdead Man and Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust. If that's the case and you enjoyed them (even just a little), the 3rd film Saturday Night Cleaver will definitely leave you wanting more. I loved all 3 of them, each sequel a little more than the one before.

    This film is a spoof of a few different movies from the past, including Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, and Roller Boogie. John Carl Buechler takes over as the voice of the maniacal Gingerdead Man, and boy does he do a great job. I'm not a fan of CGI really at all BUT…There's a ton more CGI in this film than the previous 2, and it's done quite well. Even when it's not, it doesn't pull me out of the film. It's just a fun ride start to finish.

    The story involves time travel back to the year 1976, where the Gingerdead Man invades a Roller Boogie. That's pretty much it! From there, he just maims and murders. If you're looking for anything more than that from this flick, look elsewhere. But, if you're a fan of getting together with your friends and just being entertained by a Full Moon flick-LOOK NO FURTHER!

  2. After escaping from jail, The Gingerdead Man finds himself in a time machine destined for killing and roller disco.

    Opening with a highly amusing Silence of the Lambs paradox including a muffin throwing his cream over Clarissa Darling stating he can smell her Muff-in, you know what in for – or do you? The previous Gingerdead instalments were B-average at best and this is no exception.

    Once Ginger goes back to the 70's it's a series of some Porky's gags mixed with scene on scenes of roller skating linked by some t & a and few and far between kill scenes including gun play, acid attack and a nail gun assault. By the end it all crumbles apart with annoying kids and time travelling history figures cameos.

    While no one expects Oscar material from Full Moon you always hope for some-kind of return to former glory. You could spend 80 minutes watching Puppet Master or Blood Dolls but if your a fan of Gingerdead and 1976 this one will roller Boogie you to death.

  3. I received this in the mail on Halloween, just in time. It's still better than the original, but very silly. It spoofs Saturday Night Fever, Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, Porky's, Tootsie, and more. The little Gingerdead man is back and more brutal and foul-mouthed than ever. When he's sent back to 1976, he decides to kill the contestants of a roller-disco contest. Cherry Wright (Carrie spoof) is the new girl that everyone picks on, but she's given a makeover and becomes more popular. She falls in love, but tries to kill the evil Gingerdead man before time runs out. This will probably be the last in the trilogy. If you want a silly horror flick, you might enjoy GINGERDEAD MAN 3: Saturday NIGHT CLEAVER!!!

  4. This movie was terrible, but not in the "awful" sense. Filled with puns, plays on words, and enough disco nomenclature to satisfy even the most die hard. I just happened on this film, and thought, "What the Hell?". It was worth it. Its silly, its campy, and horribly lame, but a totally delightful romp with the Ginger Dead man. This movie promises nothing, and it delivers in spades!! I watched it 4 times back to back, just because I was laughing so hard. This movie is worth a watch if you just want to laugh at out of date humor, or if you are one of the 8 people who remained sober through the '70's and just want to take a, "roll" down memory lane. I saw there are other "Ginger Dead" movies, I am going to have to hunt them down!! KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!!!

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