DVD Going On

DVD Going On
Run time: 55 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Johanna Lunn
Writers: Elizabeth Richardson
Stars: Elizabeth Richardson
Elizabeth Richardson’s Going On is a performance film directed by Johanna Lunn. The film captures Richardson’s one woman show of self discovery. Juxtaposing a North American theatre tour with Peter O’Toole in the 1970’s and a three year Buddhist retreat in the 2000’s Liz Richardson weaves a path through age, stage and sage sharing her triumphs and disasters with vulnerability and irrepressible humour. Playing twelve characters she counterpoints her struggles as a young actress on the road with Peter O’Toole in Toronto, Chicago and Washington with her later challenges as a Buddhist on a three year meditation retreat in Nova Scotia. Written by Anonymous
Country: Canada

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