DVD Kammath & Kammath

DVD Kammath & Kammath

Run time: 140 min
Rating: 3.7
Genres: Comedy
Director: Thomson K. Thomas, Kanal Kannan
Stars: Mammootty, Dilip, Baburaj
The story of Kammath family which migrated to Kochi from Goa during the Portuguese invasion.
Country: India
Release Date: 31 January 2013 (Kuwait)


  1. 'Kammath & Kammath' is a very disappointing movie with a very weak script. The trailer of this movie itself is very misleading to the hilt, it will make you believe that the film has to do something regarding hotel business so the name 'proprietors Kammath & Kammath' but the movie has nothing much to show on that front just a small incident of how Kammath & Kammath take over a hotel and their peculiar love for Dosas. And yes, not to forget their unique antics and accent reminding us of their Goan/Konkan antecedents.

    still when you see two great actors (Mammutty and Dileep)coming together on the screen you expect some fireworks with the film but unfortunately the moment the film starts your excitement starts to fizzle out and the fireworks become duds. Except for their accent you find nothing great coming from the actors stable; making them severely under utilized.

    moreover the film seems to have two stories in the same script with no relation between them as such. the first half will show their hotel business and the second half is totally devoted to life story of 2nd supporting actor 'Karthika Nair's love story. Rima Kallingal role is nothing much but a connecting character between Kammath's family and Karthika Nair.

    it seems the director forgot about the title of the film when he reaches the second half of the film. the direction on the whole is below average.

    the genre of this film is comedy but, it is highly likely that you might laugh only on 1 or 2 occasions or probably smile, that's it.

    in the end i would recommend you to give this film a miss unless you are prepared for bad script, below average direction, comedy and acting- all packaged in one big dud.

  2. Mammootty disappoints again & again after Face2Face and Bavuttiyude Namathil. While Dileep isn't a charmer, the movie as a whole is a gimmick entertainer.

    With music copied from various Hollywood movies, cheap humor borrowed from various Bollywood movies and stunts copied from various Malayalam and/or Tamil movies, K&K is a very bad flick which tells you the story of how brothers can be the worst thing that can happen to someone. The first half is boring and as the interval bell rings, a sense of suspense mounts. But the second half is even worse when the limelight is not on the brothers and their slapstick (who can outrun police & every other powerful cause) but on romance with the actresses who were totally wasted. Introducing tens of new characters in the second half spoils this already spoiled broth. Not a single continuous sequence makes sense in this crappy, cranky & sloppy piece of filth. Editing is worst, direction is bad and cinematography is very poor. Over that, the writing is hackneyed and lack of improvisation makes this an even bad consideration. IT is high time, the proficient writers of Malayalm cinema get up out of their hallucinations. People don't love masala cheap-tricks anymore. They want story (Ustad Hotel).

    The climax is inappropriate and it looked like they wanted to do something different, so they gave it a rather balanced ending. And Dhanush's cameo just made it the ludicrous icing over this disastrous sin. Baburaj is the only character/actor who I enjoyed watching in this 120 minutes of buffoonery where the lead actors are men of ONLY words, and no action yet the film falls in action comedy genre. Pity.

    BOTTOM LINE: K&K is not recommended. Rather, I have lost interest in Mollywood and by Romans, I have a specific response: I am shifting to feature films.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Language: No | Sex, Nudity or Mouth-Kiss: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: No | Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs: Very Mild

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