DVD Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal

DVD Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal
DVD Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal

Run time: 115 min
Rating: 7.3
Genres: Crime | Drama | Horror
Director: Chul-soo Jang
Writers: Kwang-young Choi
Stars: Yeong-hie Seo, Seong-won Ji, Min-ho Hwang
Hae-won is a beautiful single woman in her thirties who works at a bank in the Seoul city. She leads a busy life until she becomes a witness to an attempted murder case, and at the same time, things get complicated at work. When things get out of hand she is forced to take a vacation so she heads for ‘Moodo’, a small undeveloped island, where she had once visited to see her grandparents. And where she had befriended a girl named Bok-nam who stills writes to Hae-won asking her to visit despite the fact that Hae-won never bothered to reply. Upon arriving at the island, Hae-won is shocked to see everyone treating Bok-nam like a slave. As practically the only young woman on the island, she is a plaything for all the men and a free laborer for the women. Sick of all the inhumane treatment, Bok-nam had tried to escape the island several times in the past but had failed each time. She begs Hae-won to help her escape the place, but Hae-won remains indifferent not wanting to be involved in … Written by Fine Cut
Plot Keywords: murder, revenge, sickle, remote island, death
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 2 September 2010 (South Korea)
Box Office
Budget: $700,000 (estimated)


  1. As manipulative as a lot of Hollywood fodder, Bedevilled should be a sinker. That it isn't is testament to its beauty, committed performances and a fine feel for harshness, though overlong its powerful and occasionally savage stuff. We follow Hae-won, returning to her childhood home to visit old friend Bok-nam. High strung, frigid and apparently callous Hae Won isn't especially likable, but as things go on we see why she might be this way, for the small island where she grew up is a pretty terrible place. Her reunion may be sweet, but Bok-nam is in a bad situation, and things are building to a head…The plot summary on this page tells more than is strictly needed about the skimpy plot of this one, it's predictable stuff but I still recommend not knowing to much beforehand, all the better to get emotionally wrecked. Director Jang Cheol-so plays the audience like an instrument, highlighting the natural beauty of the location to better emphasise the nastiness, keeping the harsher moments just enough in the frame to be viciously effective but keeping the worst of it just out of view, conjuring jangling tension and a dash of sinister sexual menace, its taut stuff building effectively with tar black humour in its climatic release. Ji Sung-wong puts on a decent if distant show as Hae-won, implacable to the point of being a frustration, while Seo Yeong-hee is the more attractive as Bok-nam, lively façade in desperate conflict with her terrible treatment, a pleasant soul who doesn't want to face things but wrenched to a place where she can't hide. The notion of denial and the need to face up to things is what underlies events, unsubtly presented perhaps but a worthy message presented in jolting style, fortunately the film works as grim drama. There are problems though, none of the villains of the piece are well rounded, from crudely brutal and sex hungry men to cruel old ladies revelling in the status quo, everyone is so hissable that things are in constant danger of being overdone, and indeed sometimes are. Documented cases of similar isolated communities show that there is a bleak truthfulness to the pattern of events, but the characters of the villains generally lack psychological truth, hence they become less effective. The other trouble here is that the film draws out its finale with more climaxes than necessary, it doesn't lack for exciting or interesting events in its final stages but it becomes bumpy and feels overlong, it also hammers home the less subtle aspects of the film. Still, all in all this one had the required effect for me, I was gripped, appalled, dazzled and saddened, a veritable emotional roller-coaster. Worth a look for slow burning dark drama fans then, but be warned that things are a bit obvious.

  2. Some movies ask of your time like others seldom dare to try. These are the most rewarding, in my opinion, because, having allowed ourselves to be so absorbed and entrenched in their sagas, our empathic connection with their characters can almost make us feel like we are intertwined and we can come away feeling enriched for having shared our time with them. I felt this when I watched "The Pianist" and "The Deer Hunter". And I felt this when I watched "Bedeviled"

    The English definitions of the word bedeviled are many, but prone to obvious seething similarity; (to worry, annoy, or frustrate, to torment mercilessly, plague, to possess with or as if with a devil, bewitch) every one of these are but glimpses into what awaits the viewer in "Bedeviled." What I found most disturbing of all for myself, was that I was cheering for the character possessed of them. You'll understand… or you might not. But some people deserve whats coming to them, in this world, or the hell they have dutifully manufactured in the next, no matter how they cloak themselves to appear like they don't stink of the blood they have washed themselves in.

    The character Bok-Nam is a terrifying study of a fracturing psyche. And for her tormentors on the island, hell hath no fury like the storm that is raging towards them.

    The Korean title of this movie is: Kim Bok-nam Salinsageonui Jeonmal; which translates to: The Whole Story of Kim Bok-nam's Murder Case. Soe Yeong Hie (Bok-nam) won best actress at the Korean movie awards and the movie itself won best screenplay.

    -{ A great percentage of the best horror movies are foreign. Don't be afraid of them! }-

  3. It is difficult to describe the movie. Actually to describe what is attractive and/or exciting about the movie for me. You could say that it begins more than slow, but will build up and be very disturbing toward the end. I'm not gonna give anything away from the story, but if you have seen some Korean movies, you might know what you are getting yourself into here!

    It is sort of a character study and a very weird and dark social commentary to (if you want it to be). I liked the group dynamic, I liked the grey tones, I liked that it was different. I can't guarantee though that you will like it. And it might not be the ideal choice to start getting to know Korean cinema. I'm sure though that somewhere along the line, there is an US Remake waiting to happen (if they can pull it off … they don't seem to be able to do so with Old Boy either).

  4. "Bedevilled" is the tale of two women.Hae-won is depressed by her empty corporate financial job.Close to an emotional break-down she decides to visit her childhood friend Bok-nam who is living on the tiny islet of Mundo.Bok-nam is often abused by her violent husband and his retarded brother.Finally this horribly victimised human being decides to retaliate against her tormentors."Bedevilled" is slow-moving and depressing drama that suddenly turns into bloody revenge movie.The cast is strong,especially Seo Young-hee gives a truly memorable performance as bullied Bok-nam.Consumed by growing anger she becomes a beast.The script is horrific with several scenes of sexual and verbal abuse and plenty of bloody violence.Very brutal pay-off has to be seen to be believed.Check out this savagely beautiful drama.8 islets out of 10.

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