DVD Milczenie jest zlotem

DVD Milczenie jest zlotem
DVD Milczenie jest zlotem

Run time: 98 min
Rating: 4.6
Genres: Romance
Director: Ewa Pytka
Writers: Ewa Pytka
Stars: Aneta Todorczuk, Jan Wieczorkowski, Edyta Olszówka
Country: Poland
Release Date: 10 September 2010 (Poland)

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  1. The important moment when Inge loses her voice is not very realistic – what classifies this film as a fairy tale. This is not a criticism; quite a few films, with "Pretty woman" as a classic example, present events which are not exactly probable while strictly speaking possible. What I like in this film is its atmosphere, which is also fitting into the fairly tale category. The action takes place in an unnamed town in Poland, the film creators do not provide us with the name of the town, probably deliberately so.

    Inge carries this fairy tale atmosphere with her, not a small feat. Aneta Todorczuk in the role of Inge has to rely on her histrionic abilities other than her voice for a large part of the film. Jan Wieczorkowski whom we have seen as an organist in a series of films about a small town in north-eastern Poland not far from the border with Belarus has here the main male role – and he deserves it. We also see other very good actors: Magdalena Schejbal who played so well as Magda in "Darling, don't lie", Maria Gladkowska who was the unforgettable Dorota in "Emergency exit", Jan Frycz and Michal Lesien. Aneta Todorczuk is a new face (for this reviewer) as is Anna Chylarecka as the teenager Ania. Whenever she shows up, Ania nearly steals the show. Overall, we hope Ewa Pytka will direct more films.

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