DVD Premachi Goshta

DVD Premachi Goshta
DVD Premachi Goshta
Rating: 7.6
Genres: Romance
Director: Satish Rajwade
Writers: Satish Rajwade
Stars: Sagarika Ghatge, Rohini Hattangadi, Atul Kulkarni
Country: India
Release Date: 1 February 2013 (India)


  1. This is story of two individual, one who is trying to save his marriage and another who wants divorce (not with each other). Ram (Atul Kulkarni) is a writer, who writes script for movies. His wife Ragini (Sulekha Talvalkar) is an aspiring actress and thinks her carrier is anchored down because she is married and is not getting any help or support from her in-laws. And she wants divorce as she what's to be a successful. Sonal (Sagarika Ghatge) has troubled marriage and she has lost faith in marriage and tries to get divorced from Samit (Ajay Purkar). She is low in spirit and to get over her situation her friend Meera (Meera Welankar) suggest to get a job. Sonal applies for an associate job in Ram's office and gets it. After spending some time with Ram, Sonal starts liking him, but was scared to express her felling to him. Simultaneously Ram also realize that he likes Sonal and when he tries to express his feeling to Sonal, Smit comes back in Sonal's life and woo her to give another try to their troubled marriage. Meanwhile Ragini also realized her mistake and tries to come back in Ram's life. Sonal comes back to Samit's house but she is always sad. Whereas Ragini realized that Ram no longer in love with her, but he loves Sonal. She tells Ram to go and express his feelings to Sonal. Sonal also realize that she cannot live without Ram and at the end they both tells each other…

    Acting of Atul as simple boy next door is very impressive. Sagarika performance is OK, many a time her face were expressionless.

    Overall very well said story, good acting and simple dialogs makes movie a soothing experience and has all Satish Rajwade signature.

    If you are emotional persona and likes Rom-com go for this movie.

  2. A story of a man who is getting divorce and a woman who failed to have a successful married life. Twice. The character of this woman is played by Sagarika Ghatge (Sonal).

    Atul Kulkarni plays the character of Ram, a writer who is very emotional and is trying to save his married life and asking his wife a last chance. Later, this writer appoints Sonal as an assistant in his office. Then the journey begins.

    Unlike other Satish Rajwade movies, the story of this movie has no twists and turns. We know what will be the end of the story but the unfolding of the story, superb acting by all and the dialogues make this movie is a soothing experience. The difference thing is Satish Rajwade himself acts in this movie as Swaraj. He played the character superbly(Afterall a Director!). He drives the movie.

    Sagarika Ghatge is well known for her role in 'Chak De India'. But the problem is the kind of expressions, which a Marathi Movie needs, are not given by her. Marathi actors are stage actors and in this movie many times I saw Expressionless face of her. The other thing is the face of Atul Kulkarni is very innocent and the Sagarika looks like a model. Even in the movie poster you can compare it.

    So, You will love this movie if you are an emotional person but will not rate it much higher if you love the typical Satish Rajwade movies like Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai, serials like Eka Lagnachi Dusari Gosht!

  3. The Story is revolves around Ram and Sonal.Ragini is getting separate from Ram (Atul Kulkarni). Ram But trying to maintain his marriage with Ragini, who is an aspiring actress. Ram believes that she would return back to him. Whereas Sonal has lost all faith in marriage and try get divorced from Samit. Sonal was trying to get a job and come to Ram's office without knowing that she'll be interviewed by Ram himself. Eventually Sonal gets a job as ram's associate. By Spending all the time with Ram Sonal started liking ram she developed feeling for ram simultaneously ram had also realize that he started liking sonal.They both try to express each other but destiny play game with them and their spouse came into their lives back as Ragini realize her mistake and came back to ram as well as samit also try to patch up with sonal. They both try to keep silent as they both don't know about each others love. Sonal came back to samit's house but she always be sad. At the end Ragini realize that ram is not now loving her he loves sonal so she tells ram to go and express your feelings to sonal.Sonal also realize that she cannot live without ram and at the end they both told each other and the most beautiful love story takes place. The Acting of both Atul kulkarni and Sagarika Ghatage is just FAB. The Story is beautiful. The Direction by Satish Rajwade is Speechless.He prove that their is not necessary of Big Sets,Big Star or any special thing to make a beautiful movie. This movie is very simple at same time VERY BEAUTIFUL. A MUST WATCH MOVIE TO EVERYBODY Rating: 9.5/10

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