DVD Tere Ishq Nachaya

DVD Tere Ishq Nachaya
DVD Tere Ishq Nachaya

Run time: 122 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Romance
Director: Ravinder Ravi
Writers: Ravinder Ravi
Stars: Neeru Agarwal, Harjit Bhullar, Gavie Chahal
Kamal is a spoiled, selfish young woman with a grandiose sense of entitlement and the maturity of a four year old. She lives with her father and uncles, and has never heard the word no. During a family wedding, she meets Gurjyot, who is immediately smitten. Their marriage is arranged, and they are promptly engaged. Kamal’s father decides to take her to Bangkok to visit her invalid mother, and there she meets Jyoti and Karan. Despite her upcoming nuptials, she falls head over heels in love with Karan, and grows up immediately. She has already committed to someone else, and family honor is not a game she can win. Written by L. Y. Hostrawser
Country: India
Release Date: 1 January 2010 (India)

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