DVD Zombie Ed

DVD Zombie Ed

Run time: 104 min
Rating: 2.1
Genres: Comedy | Horror
Director: Ren Blood
Writers: Ren Blood
Stars: William Cutting, Kelly Petering, Myles McLane
Loser Ed has a lame job, a crappy apartment and no hope of a girlfriend. None of this mattered to Ed until he woke up one morning to find he had “gone zombie”. Being a human loser is bad, but is being a Zombie worse? How does Ed become the Zombie he was always meant to be? Written by Ren Blood
Plot Keywords: zombie, character name in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 22 January 2013 (USA)

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  1. This is a funky,comedic yarn about a hapless geek named ED who becomes a Zombie… Get it ZOMBIE ED….

    You probably thought National Lampoon had gone nuts and did a Zombie College riff, Oh no …My fiend,Someone else -BRAIN DAMAGE released this one,So Ha ! At You.

    There are hilarious set-ups to somewhat unusual situations for A ZOMBIE,Green issues-Salads with VEGGIES( not humans)-Groupies for the more handsome zombies-and protests FOR the equal treatment of zombies.

    Drinking or smoke would probably enhance the viewing of this silly movie,But-It will get the job done on your funny-bone sober .

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