DVD Ankur Arora Murder Case

DVD Ankur Arora Murder Case
Run time: 129 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Drama | Thriller
Director: Sohail Tatari
Writers: Vikram Bhatt, Shagufta Rafique
Stars: Tisca Chopra, Paoli Dam, Arjun Mathur
Plot Keywords: loss of son, medical misconduct, surgeon, doctor, surgery
Country: India
Release Date: 14 June 2013 (India)


  1. Rating: 3.9/5 stars Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

    This came out of nowhere and almost vanished without a trace. But those who caught it, would realize how lucky they were not to miss this unheralded gem of movie. Based on a true story, its a gripping and hard- hitting dram that takes control of your senses from the word go and refuse to let up till the very end. If the medical procedure build up the anticipation and adequately pays fine attention to detail and authenticity, then the engrossing courtroom machinations in the second half are sure to invigorate your pulses and keep you hooked in anticipation of what shall transpire.

    The entire cast does a fabulous job, with special mention needing to be bestowed on Tisca Chopra and Paoli Dam. But predictably, its Kay Kay Menon who elevates this already riveting drama to stupendous heights, with his callous, smug, obnoxious, and and delectably mean act. Ultimately, you leave the film with a resonating message, that no amount of success and achievement gives one the right to do and escape with whatever they feel fit.

  2. Just two shows on the first day and less than 10 viewers in the theater for a rare Bollywood film made on the subject of medical malpractice! Why?

    Because in our country we don't really like to see or talk about the real problems and just wish to enjoy a fantasy world presented along some action, dance and music, featuring our favourite actors. As a result, neither the exhibitors are willing to give any major attention to off- beat projects like these, nor the viewers are interested in WASTING their time on such meaningful, preachy and socially relevant movies quite frankly (Pun intended).

    So in that scenario, when one clearly knows that it will be tough to get a good number of shows as well audience into the theaters, I would first like to congratulate the producers of ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE, who had the blessed vision to finance such a film for a market which is widely known to stay aloof and discourage this kind of film-making from last few decades.

    Talking about the film itself, usually I am not supportive to projects which unofficially borrow from some hidden foreign sources heavily. But ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE can be left as an exception since it does raise a very important issue of our Indian society at present, regarding the questionable status of life saver DOCTORS & their Private Hospitals. The whole medical premise of its script and the proceedings of the court with the mention of number 1 being changed to 9 is straight away taken from Sidney Lumet's THE VERDICT starring Paul Newman, which itself is a true masterpiece from the West revealing the ugly commercial aspects of this noble profession.

    However getting over with the inspired status of the film, AAMC is a decently made flick focusing on an irresponsible mistake by a famous and reputed doctor, who instead of admitting & apologizing, tries to cover up the case with his powerful influence. As the truth comes out, a case is filed on the hospital and the doctor, turning the film into a court room drama in its second half which is both intense and emotional in its execution. Now though it surely could have been much more hard hitting and impressive in its overall portrayal of the issue as expected. Yet it is no doubt a pretty decent and worth praising attempt from the entire team for sure, including many spellbinding performances from the cast led by Kay Kay Menon.

    In few words, AAMC deserves to be seen both for its crucial issue raised, as well as for its brilliant key performance by Kay Kay as the culprit doctor, Tisca Chopra as the helpless mother and Arjun Mathur as the honest intern together. No one can deny the fact that Kay Kay is one of the most under-rated actors we have at present who truly deserves more good roles and praises both. But here Tisca Chopra shines even brighter in the film as the silent mother witnessing the justice denied by the court with only her tearful eyes looking into the dark. Arjun Mathur makes the best use of the opportunity given in the role of a revolting intern having a 'still alive conscience' and Vishakha supports him well as his colleague. In the court room sequences, Paoli Dam delivers a powerful act playing the lawyer with some great dialogues and Manish Chaudhari, Vishesh Tiwari (The Kid) and Harsh Chhaya perform just fine. The camera captures the tragic emotional sequences in the film beautifully and the Background Score gives it full support in generating the desired impact.

    Admittedly, it's not a great classic film which would force you to stand up and clap as you might be thinking. It has its own set of flaws, like an unwanted sub-plot of suicide attempt along with the love angle & few songs, as usual. But still it does successfully makes you think about the state we are living in, wherein the established doctors are more worried about their huge hospital running expenses and the intern doctors are more worried about their future careers instead of admitting the mistake they all had made in the operation theater.

    It makes you fearful, watching the way a reputed doctor performs a minor operation with an absent mind and over confidence leading to some adverse consequences beyond control. And it even forces you to question that have we lost this noble God-like profession too in the current monetary race of our blind society?

    AAMC also needs to be considered as a trend setting film because we have simply stopped making projects talking about our own social issues quite sadly and moreover the viewers too have stopped showing any kind of interest towards such relevant movies. In fact that is what we have lost in our Hindi Cinema since the 80s and the only film which was made on this issue of 'Medical Malpractices' happened to be NASOOR in the year 1985 almost three decades back. Honestly it was quite surprising to see the film written & presented by the recent 'Horror specialist' Vikram Bhatt and skillfully directed by a not so known director Suhail Tatari. So these two men also deserve their own share of praises for coming up with this thought provoking film in the present commercial times.

    As a concluding message, we need to grow up and support films like ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE because it's a universal cause the film has been made for. A medical condition doesn't differentiate between a rich or poor coming from any region or religion and thus the film should be taken as a "Wake Up Call" for every single person reading this review, especially the aspiring doctors and the ones currently practicing the divine profession.

  3. Similar stories have come up, but this strains on medical negligence. The secondary aspects are various forms of crime that are ubiquitous and known. But what is unique here is the topic and the makers have carved it well to touch where it hurts.

    Cast performance is very good, especially Kay Kay Menon showing absolute genius. Editing & music is a let-down. The underlying relationships actually worked against suspense plot. Dialogs are worn-out. Certain sequences were useless but still the screenplay keeps the viewers hooked, just because we want to know what happens next. It is a very fine thriller based on borrowed factors.

    BOTTOM LINE: A engaging watch and a must for budding doctors. Recommended! 7.0/10.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Profanity: Very Mild | Sex: No | Nudity: No | Foreplay/Mouth-Kiss: Mild | Vulgarity: Mild | Violence: Mild | Gore: Very Mild | Smoking: No | Alcohol: Mild

  4. Today Watched "Ankur arora Murder Case" –

    In world Movies are of various Genre like romantic, drama, horror, thriller, action, comedy, animation etc. etc. Now when we discuss the type of the movie I think it should always be in 4 categories. First-Brainless Entertainer or Commercial Movie, Second- Intelligent, Third-Intellectual n Fourth – Important Movies. Now which movies are" Important" one. Important movies are neither" intellectual "nor" Intelligent" but they throw you lots n lots of questions during and after the movie, for example "Tare jameen par ".They Compel People to think. They sometimes try to change the Thinking of the society. All movies in World cinema whatever genre it should be, categorized among the above classification.

    Being in Medical Profession I had grown up interest towards this movie after viewing the trailers n after watch it today, I surely categorize this movie in the 4th category i.e. the Important one. Yes, I am placing "Ankur arora Murder Case" on the same sit with movie like "Tare jameen par", because it throws lots of questions to all sections of the society for think –

    1. (For Doctors) What is better – Being a very Good Doctor or a Good human being?

    2. (For Doctors) Are you the people who are really "de-sensitize" with death?

    3. (For Students)What is your Choice-To create a brilliant career on the pillars of LIE or to destroy it by sticking with the TRUTH?

    4. (For Youngsters)What is your Choice-Brilliant Superb career without Love or a simple career with True Love?

    5. (For Lawyers)What do you want – Giving True Justice or Only MONEY?

    6. (For Everyone)You all try to BLAME n PUNISH a GOOD (Inhuman, De-sensitize)Doctor for his one and only one Negligence but will you ever remember how many life he SAVED every day which God tries to carry away ? Will you ever BLAME n PUNISH God when HE everyday create lots n lots of child with Congenital Abnormalities?

    After doing several erotic Thriller n Murder Mysteries Vikram Bhatt's Team now jump into the realistic zone with ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE, which tackles the issue of medical negligence. The team really done an impressive research before the film that in First half of the movie being a medical professional I just can't rule out where I actually am- In cinema hall or in I.C.U or O.T seeing my Colleagues doing their routine difficult jobs. Based on a true incident, ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE focuses not just on the negligence in the operation theatre, but also throws light on the justice mechanism in our country.

    In a short Dr. Ramesh (Arjun Mathur) was a junior under Dr. Asthana (Kay Kay Menon) of Shekhawat General Hospital. He loves n had a live-in relationship with Dr. Riya (Vishakha Singh), his co-intern. An 8-year-old boy Ankur (Vishesh Tiwari) dies due to Dr. Asthana's medical negligence n at a point of time Ramesh realizes that a good surgeon is not necessarily a good human being as well. Together with Ankur's mother Nandini (Tisca Chopra], Ramesh declared an uneven Battle for what is right. A battle for justice against his mentor, the hospital and the love of his life.

    Regarding performances everyone was Up to the mark. Kay Kay Menon is one of my all-time favorite n once again he gave an International level performance. But the surprise package in second half was Paoli Dam. She is Sharpen in every movie. Hats off to the power pack acting of her in the court. The Dialogues are extremely good n sometimes make you to give claps unintentionally in the hall. Scriptwriting also tightens your sit belt as the movie progress. But one point I must say that it good to see this type of movie in future song less.

    On a whole A BRILLIANT Movie and it deserves a watch by every person of the Urban Society.

    NOTE: – Being in Medical field I know good surgeon is not necessarily a good human. During my work I also had come in contact with such persons n gained lots of experience. But please don't ask for examples 

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