DVD French Kiss

DVD French Kiss
DVD French Kiss

Rating: 5.6
Genres: Romance
Director: Sylvain Archambault
Writers: Jose Frechette
Stars: Claude Legault, CĂ©line Bonnier, Didier Lucien
Country: Canada
Release Date: 11 March 2011 (Canada)

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  1. This is a great movie, which came from Quebec. Let the title not confuse you: the language of the movie is French, and it is shot in Montreal. There are two main characters, a single man and a single woman in their late thirties. This is the age, which is considered by many as the last possibility at romance, family and children. He meets her by accident, and in order to overcome the awkwardness of the situation and to start a conversation, he pretends to be someone else, that she used to know in college. I will not give any more spoilers, but what follows is a game of sexes, with doubts and revelations, in which ultimately the heroes must learn to listen to their hearts. It is a romantic movie, but it is also a terrific comedy. I found the dialogs between the leading man and his Haitian coworker extremely hilarious. There are also many funny scenes, for example in the remote restaurant, which is called "Cattail in the Wind". During the scene, where the guy meets the girl's father, I literally fell off the chair. All in all, this is a splendid lighthearted romantic comedy, which would entertain you rather charmingly for about eighty minutes.

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