DVD La reconstrucción

DVD La reconstrucción
DVD La reconstrucción
Run time: 93 min
Rating: 6.6
Genres: Drama
Director: Juan Taratuto
Writers: Diego Peretti, Juan Taratuto
Stars: Diego Peretti, Claudia Fontán, Alfredo Casero
Eduardo (Diego Peretti) is an obsessive and efficient oil plant worker who finds his solitary routine is altered when summoned to travel to Ushuaia for a few days. The trip and reunion with an old friend and his family will test him and sets some things in motion that will allow him to rebuild past, present and maybe future. Written by AnonymousB
Plot Keywords: written by director
Country: Argentina
Release Date: 28 March 2013 (Argentina)
Box Office
Budget: ARS 6,500,000 (estimated)

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  1. Director Juan Taratuto became internationally known by his comedy "A Boyfriend for my Wife" (2008). A fluffy Hollywood-like movie, entertaining and funny, it was a box office success in Argentina and was also noticed abroad: it already has a remake (and another one in progress).

    La Reconstrucción is a different type of movie altogether. The reconstruction of the title is that of people devastated by loss. In one case the loss was gradual and tinged with guilt, in the other it is sudden and still in the incomprehension stage.

    Diego Peretti plays Eduardo (and the beginning of his comeback to a full life) to perfection. The rest of the actors are at the same level; Alfredo Casero as Mario, Eduardo's friend, Claudia Fontán as Andrea, Mario's wife and Maria Casali and Eugenia Aguilar as Mario's daughters. Taratuto's style is minimalist, deliberate and low key, which suits the subject and keeps the movie from being a tear jerker. The film has many deeply moving scenes, such as the first real conversation between Eduardo and Andrea. It has an open but hopeful ending.

    There seems to be no DVD Region 1 of this movie. It may be available in You Tube (without subtitles). It is a must-see and I hope it makes it to the rental services.

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