DVD Lucy’s Law

DVD Lucy’s Law
DVD Lucy’s Law

Run time: 61 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Tom Charley
Writers: Tom Charley
Stars: Lauren Cullum, Jerry Lynch, Rickey Maynard
What can individuals do against the established norms of the society? In this movie few individuals are put to trial for going against the established norms and expectations of society.
Country: USA
Release Date: 16 January 2011 (USA)

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  1. This is the trial of alleged abductors of Lucy. Lucy was abducted on her way to the school bus stop, when she was only 11 yrs. old, in Moon Lake county. 20 years later Lucy was found with children. The alleged abductors, husband and wife team, aka Moon Lake monsters, were brought to justice. The husband was a convicted sex offender and was on parole, when he allegedly abducted Lucy. The movie concentrate on the court trial of the Moon Lake monsters.

    The public opinion was divided on the Moon Lake monsters. One group believes, the Monsters must be forgiven as Jesus would have done. Other group wanted death penalty for abductors and molesters of children. The local senator has introduced a law called "Lucy's Law" that would give death penalty for all child abductors.

    To get an easy conviction, Prosecutor brings in Lucy herself. She was asked to read a Prosecutor approved prepared-statement about her feelings about the abduction. There was not a single pair of eyes that were not teared up when Lucy said: "when I returned, my parents gave me all the Christmas presents they bought for me in the last 20 years. They were all Barbie dolls. The bailiff was so emotional he tried to kill the defendant in the court room.

    When Judge, asked Lucy what really happened, Lucy told the the real story. Lucy's testimony turned everything upside down. She was declared a hostile witness and was aggressively questioned by Prosecutor. Judge ordered her mother and step father to be charged. He also charged the Probation Officer and the FBI agents who interrogated Lucy and her children. You have to watch the movie to see the amazing jury verdict and its aftermath and conclusion of the story.

    Movie is well done and won Best Picture award and $100,000 cash prize at American International Film Festival (Aiff2010) and was premiered at Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor on Jan-16, 2011.

    Outstanding performance by Lauren Cullum as Lucy and Joe Faro as Judge. They both won best actor awards.

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