DVD Oktober November

DVD Oktober November
DVD Oktober November
Run time: 114 min
Rating: 6.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Götz Spielmann
Writers: Götz Spielmann
Stars: Jörn Hentschel, Sebastian Hülk, Sebastian Koch
Country: Austria
Release Date: 12 June 2014 (Germany)


  1. This film is highly enjoyable as long as it requires a minimum amount of attention, in exchange it offers high levels of (very) good cinema, full of thought-provoking lines which grow inside of the viewer long after watching this subtle and powerful work.

    No spoilers at all in this review, only a few guidelines to advice you, My Unknown Cinephile: please don't miss this wonderful exposure of human relationships, melted with many questions about life, the kind of ones we always have been asking to ourselves.

    Settled in a mesmerizing Austria, with a top-notch, great actors who achieve the task of offering deep and human acting at his best. I mean, I really care about the characters, they're not mere talking heads, which is an absolute relief.

    Of course, I like very much sci-fi movies, also fast paced films with light contents, comedies, et cetera… but such moving films as "Oktober November" are indispensable, unmissable. This is about life, about what the heck we're doing with it.

    As only good Philosophy achieves, this splendid work of Götz Spielmann serves to ask very good questions, instead of having any answers.

    Hard and tender, and always sincere. It shows us that life is often a great variety of gray, not everything is black or white.

    Watch it, rent it, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

    Thanks a lot for reading this review/feedback. And don't forget to enjoy life, as much as you can. Best wishes!

  2. I saw this film at the Rotterdam film festival (IFFR) 2014. A family drama with many ingredients (maybe too many) with ample skeletons in the closet and some axes to grind too. Overall result could be improved by trimming some parts, especially the introduction of the main characters. This trimming suggestion does not so much apply to the scenes where both sisters are waiting around a death bed, since I find it portrayed very well (been there, done that). I can imagine, however, that some people find it a bit too slow and tedious. But it is a perfect moment to relive old (possibly sour) things that happened many years ago.

    The respective introductions of the two sisters and their respective working environments is well intended, perfectly illustrating the enormous differences, possibly to be construed as something that created a unsurmountable gap between them. A problem is that the introductions cannot be appreciated to their full potential for those who did not read the synopsis beforehand, and thus remain unaware for too long a time of the three main characters (two sisters, and one father) with equal importance for the plot. Similarly, the autumn-related film title is a nice find, but is lost on the average viewer without a proper hint. Anyway, these remarks are only included here as a heads up for future viewers, and not intended to be condescending about the fine end product.

    All in all, perfectly acted and shot, making good use of the landscapes around the parental hotel. Not all festival visitors were that positive, as it ranked an average 75th place (out of 200) for the audience award.

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