DVD Sazaa

DVD Sazaa
DVD Sazaa

Rating: 4.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Hussain Munawwaru
Writers: Mahdi Ahmed
Stars: Niuma Mohamed, Ismail Rasheed, Lufshan Shakeeb
REEMA (NIUMA), a happy-go-lucky girl while on her island for holidays meets ZAID (LUFSHAAN), a land surveyor from Male’. For them, it’s hate at first sight but through comical meetings they fall in love. But REEMA’S life is thrown in to unpredictability and turmoil when connection to ZAID is mysteriously lost after he leaves to Male’ promising to return within few days. Days turn to weeks and weeks to months. While REEMA waits desperately, she sees her life changing unexpectedly as if fate has other plans for her. Can she survive these changes of events? Can she fight fate and wait for ZAID forever? Should waiting for true love be a punishment? Written by Mahdi Ahmed
Country: Maldives
Box Office
Budget: MVR 450,000 (estimated)

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