DVD Silhouettes

DVD Silhouettes
DVD Silhouettes

Run time: 85 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Lars Knorrn
Writers: Lars Knorrn, Lars Knorrn
Stars: Justine Lalleau, Nicolas Ullman, Herve de Gruzoir
In the midst of a casting, the manipulative casting director Henri presents a constant stream of faces to Yvan an eccentric and provocative fashion photographer. A young woman named Julie momentarily offers a glimpse of the unseen. She is a paradox of fragility and brutality, of woman and child. Through a variety of circumstances the characters find themselves trapped in a world of lies and manipulation they are all taking part of. For Julie the line between fantasy and reality blurs. However in the casting sessions she finds something that she apparently needs. As all her defenses break down, it reveals what is the deepest and the most hidden in the young girl. A modern portrait of the ego and the human longing for recognition. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: casting, portrait, ego, sacrifice, identity
Country: Switzerland, Germany, France

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