DVD The Ridges

DVD The Ridges
DVD The Ridges

Run time: 89 min
Rating: 2.9
Genres: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Director: Brandon Landers
Writers: Brandon Landers
Stars: Robbie Barnes, Robert Grant, Alana Kaniewski
Four college students at Ohio University set out to make a documentary proving that spirits and the paranormal are not real. In order to do this, they plan to film their investigation of an old lunatic asylum in Athens, OH. Their investigation proves more than they could have anticipated. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: college, university, death, avatar, tron
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 October 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $17,350 (estimated)


  1. Here's the deal: I'm sure Brandon Landers and all involved on this film are nice people but, come on! Just because you own a camera does not mean you are a filmmaker. The Ridges is TERRIBLE! Let me make clear that this is by no means the worst movie I have ever seen… in order for that to be true, The Ridges would have to qualify as a MOVIE!! There is zero talent in front of or behind the camera on this thing. Watching The Ridges makes it abundantly clear that not only do the "filmmakers" have no idea how to cast, frame, block, pace, edit, score or shoot a film but, it literally feels like they have never seen a film before.

    A few things that you should be aware of when watching this thing: It begins with the theme from INCEPTION. Not some song that sounds like the theme from Inception but, THE ACTUAL THEME FROM ANOTHER FILM! It also clearly shows computers with the Apple logo. That should tell you immediately that the filmmakers do not even have the common sense to know how ILLEGAL it is to sell a DVD with copy-written material and make you question why you should even continue. But, if you DO continue, this is what you are treated to… The filmmakers spend no time setting up characters for you to care about and when the lead "actress" (don't even get me started on that chick) has her big moment and tells two guys on the sofa about what's going on with her, she spends the whole scene (like 4-5 minutes) with her back to the camera. They got zero coverage of the girl from the other side. And that's how the whole movie is. When they go to The Ridges, we are meant to feel scared when in reality, all it amounts to is a bunch of people we really dislike, cursing at each other. I swear to god, we spend a good chunk of time focusing on some dudes chest. Not his face as he talks to us. His shirt. That's it. Terrible acting, nonexistent directing. Everything about this movie is bad.

    Someone should let Mr. Landers know that it is completely unethical and ridiculous for a filmmaker to post everywhere they can that his film won all of these terrific awards at festivals that A) don't exist or B) never accepted their film in the first place. He also wants you to believe that the poster was BANNED in the US for being too graphic. Really? Who exactly banned your poster, Mr. Landers? Nobody, that's who. Look, maybe you could've gotten away with crap like that 30 years ago when the internet didn't exist, but did you really think that no one would follow up on your claims. That just shows sheer stupidity on your part. There is no way this film won any awards at any festivals and if it did, I would truly hate to see the films it beat out.

    This is an insult to anyone who loves film. This is an insult to anyone who has SEEN a film, actually. You should truly be ashamed that you are peddling this crap to people on amazon (and having family/friends/cast members write glowing reviews). I was duped and am not very happy about it. While I was not expecting "The movie of the year" (as most reviews say), I was expecting someone who at least had SOME idea as to how to go about making a film. Shame on everyone involved.

    This isn't even "fun" bad. It is literally like watching a bunch of frat boys drink for 2 hours. And the special features? WOW!! They don't even put them on their own menu, like most DVD's. No, they put them at the end of the movie and the viewer is given such fantastic extras like "watching people audition in what looks like an office kitchen" among others.

    Avoid this thing at all costs. It's just bad.

    Lastly, Mr. Landers, if you are going to put on the freaking cover of the DVD "MOVIE OF THE YEAR", be sure to put where that quote came from. I'm actually curious. Who said that, exactly? What journalist gave this film THAT review? We both know who it was, dude. Pathetic.

  2. The lead up to actually watching this, left me giddy in anticipation – a score of 6+ on IMDb surely meant that this movie was going to "do it" for me in my quest to find the best Found Footage genre film.

    Reality struck however, less than one minute into it – though the prerequisite for a first person movie are all there – shaky cam, dodgy cut aways, even dodgier fade outs – all check check check. The problem was though, that the actors who clearly improvised their way through the entire shoot, just didn't seem to want to make their minds up whether they were ad libbing, or, reading their script.

    Chopping and changing as such, means the movie is very disjointed, and very uncomfortable to watch – it's easy to see the takes where the director (Landers) was actually holding the camera, and which were left to the cast to film.

    As the story revolves around the alleged haunting in an insane asylum (The Ridges) – it would have been better to film more at that location, instead of limiting it to the short sequences and then filling the rest of the movie out with shots that appear to have been filmed in a local furniture store.

    Again, as is the want with this genre – a movie with lots of potential, is let down badly by the direction and cast – had they spent more time on the story, then the quick fills and rapid story lines would not have been necessary – for a great example of how to make this kind of film work – look at Grave Encounters.

    Don't be fooled by the high IMDb score – this movie will leave you disappointed and quite frankly, embarrassed.



  3. The Ridges is an improv movie that lives or dies on the strength of the performances, of each actors they have good moments and bad moments.

    Captured on videotape, (I think) color 8mm, The Ridges is compelling as a faux documentary.

    Still, a few good minutes of footage does not make a movie stellar. The movie is okay, and often funny, but it is not a horror movie more so a thriller if anything. However, for the thriller buffs or indie film fan, this is a great example of something, for you because it does not get more independent than this.

    I had to rethink grading this movie after watching all of the features on the special edition. Because I was very critical on the directing and acting however after finding out that it was not any of the actors(really) directing the camera I was more accepting. Also with a outline based script I was more understanding that the director allowed the actors to use a natural feel I completely understand this project as a whole.

    Not to live by the claim of "Movie of the Year" this film has plenty of flaws that most can be forgiven but not all. I would love to see more footage of what they were running from! Where was it? I was expecting more but it never came about. Thank God it did not have shaken camera syndrome I would've been very upset. I would've like more character development between the characters it seemed as if they were partying then the mention a little bit about doing an investigation then "BOOM" they are there it seemed rushed. I don't understand how come none of the girls touched the camera(In the movie)because we only watched one guy in the first half of the film. I completely understand this film was made in Ohio BUT there has to be more talent there than this.

    I did like the fact that some of the things were planned out i.e. The Ending. Things wrapped up kind of cool I was just expecting something different… not necessarily a bad thing. This film will most likely get compared to Paranormal Activity but I think it is more like Blair Witch than anything.

  4. I do not know how to describe The Ridges??? Thriller? Mystery? Drama? Comedy? I guess the one thing that comes to my mind is Paranormal Thriller! I enjoyed the story and the direction of the movie but I was not a fan of the acting and the excessive cursing from those actors.At first I did not like the look of the filmbut…once i watched the movie again I understood that Rob suppose to not know much about camera specs.I wonder if they will decide to go forward with a sequel? Maybe the could explore more of the story/history in a sequel? I would not go in the same format as this one but maybe better acting. All in all I liked this movie.Im staying tuned.

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