DVD Waiting for Revolution

DVD Waiting for Revolution Run time: 77 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | News Director: Sam Fruzzetti Writers: Sam Fruzzetti, Sam Fruzzetti Stars: Sam Fruzzetti, Mike Rosscoe StorylineSimon is a student of political science in Washington, DC that has grown totally disillusioned with the way the world works. This leads to him feeling helpless and hopeless, but he is content to party away hi...[Read More]

DVD The Bob & Angus Show

DVD The Bob & Angus Show Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | News Director: Don Dehm, Stacey Gordon Writers: Todd Gordon, Drew Kallen Stars: Stacey Gordon, Drew Kallen, Shaun Michael McNamara StorylineEach week, two investigative sheep – Bob MacWordell (Dean Steeves) and Angus McPeters (Drew Kallen) – talk about board gaming, geek culture and the finer points of ovine culture. News ewe C...[Read More]

DVD Operation Hermes

DVD Operation Hermes Run time: 93 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | News Director: Saad Salman Writers: Saad Salman Stars: Aurélie Miermont StorylineA young graduate from the journalist school of Bordeaux arrives in Paris in search of easy glory. She makes up a devilish plan, but the trap closes in on her. Details:Country: France

DVD The Open Road 4300 Miles

DVD The Open Road 4300 Miles Run time: 70 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Adventure | History | News Director: Anna Wilding Writers: Anna Wilding Stars: Anna Wilding, James E Sved StorylineAward winning actress director producer Anna Wilding takes to the road to rediscover the Americanadian experience without the hype. Plot Keywords: desert, route 66, american west, road trip Details:Country: USA, CanadaR...[Read More]

DVD Buddha in a Traffic Jam

DVD Buddha in a Traffic Jam Run time: 108 min Rating: 5.1 Genres: Crime | News | Thriller Director: Vivek Agnihotri Writers: Vivek Agnihotri, Vivek Agnihotri Stars: Aanchal Dwivedi, Mahie Gill, Pallavi Joshi StorylineVikram Pandit (Arunoday Singh) a student of the Indian Institute of Business becomes the blue-eyed boy of Professor Jamshed Batki (Anupam Kher). Under Batki’s influence Vikram s...[Read More]

DVD Freiland

DVD Freiland Run time: 89 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | News Director: Moritz Laube Writers: Moritz Laube Stars: Aljoscha Stadelmann, Stephan Grossmann, Thomas Morris StorylineNiels Deboos is fed up to the back teeth. Eurobonds, bankruptcy, corruption and reinless capitalism. The whole misery goes against the grain for Niels. He decides, to turn his back on the Federal Republic of Germa...[Read More]

DVD Ball Pen

DVD Ball Pen Run time: 118 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Drama | Family | News Director: Shashikanth D Writers: Shashikanth D Stars: Mruthyunjaya Hiremath, Suchendra Prasad K, Skanda M.Prasad StorylineA boy from an orphanage has lot of interest in reading and wants to be like the newspaper delivery boy to the orphanage. A inmate motivates him to do so after coming to know of his wish. The warden refuses...[Read More]

DVD Minus One

DVD Minus One Run time: 82 min Rating: 6.4 Genres: Drama | News | War Director: Jon Osbeck, Marc Wiskemann Writers: Jon Osbeck Stars: Jon Osbeck, Roger Bailey, Remy Brommer StorylineWhen three soldiers from am Army Reserve unit are called to fight in the Middle East, they must prepare themselves for the possibility of never returning home. Details:Country: USARelease Date: 5 September 2011 (UK)

DVD Le principe du plaisir

DVD Le principe du plaisir Run time: 78 min Rating: 5.6 Genres: Drama | News Director: Diego Costa Stars: Mike Nietomertz, Mohamed Ouni StorylineAn illegal Tunisian immigrant wanders the streets of Paris. A bourgeois gay Jew wanders the rooms of his apartment. Once in a while they meet and engage in games of seduction. Provocative dialogue and raw contemplation of the male body make this docu-dram...[Read More]

DVD The Change Agents

DVD The Change Agents Run time: 85 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Drama | Family | News Director: Robyn Sheppard Writers: Robyn Sheppard Stars: Elizabeth Barrett, Mike Coons, Susannah Rebar StorylineTHE CHANGE AGENTS is the coming of age drama of Carly Dutoff, a Doukhobor girl growing up in the Kootenays with her Deda (grandfather) during her final year of high school. Carly has become alienated by her p...[Read More]

DVD Clash in the College

DVD Clash in the College Run time: 123 min Rating: 2.6 Genres: Drama | News | Romance Director: Paul Kattupalli Writers: Paul Kattupalli Stars: Riviera Abbott, Gabriel Bellotti, Kayla Flick StorylineClash in the College is an exploration of conflicts that emerge in the lives of college students when political ideologies erupt in their midst. The film shows how students get indoctrinated and how it...[Read More]

DVD What on Earth

DVD What on Earth Run time: 24 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Drama | News Director: Lucy Cash, Robin Deacon Writers: Mark Arends, Lucy Cash Stars: Claudia Barton, Robin Deacon, Sheila Ghelani StorylineDetails Details:Country: UK

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