DVD Free

DVD Free Run time: 76 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Sport Director: Timothy Schweitzer Writers: Kevin Joseph Tighe, Timothy Schweitzer Stars: Eric Anderson, Alex Grandal, Matt Griffo StorylineGrowing up in the small town of Babylon Village, Ralph Petrina has a great group of friends and finds the girl of his dreams. But there is only one problem, she has a boyfriend, well there is a big...[Read More]

DVD White Licorice

DVD White Licorice Run time: 75 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Sport Director: Daniel Dronsfield Writers: Daniel Dronsfield Stars: Zachary Lucas Davis StorylineWhite Licorice is the tale of the most famous basketball player in the world as he struggles with his expulsion from the sport. It is an epic journey through madness and redemption. Plot Keywords: basketball player, basketball, color in t...[Read More]

DVD Rock’n’Ball

DVD Rock’n’Ball Run time: 80 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Family | Sport Director: Dmytro Prykhod’Ko Writers: Dmitriy Prikhodko, Dmytro Prykhod’Ko Stars: Bogdan Brodski, Polina Dzhakaeva, Olexiy Min’Ko StorylineTen year old Russian boy Dima has no parents, he does not want sweets, he does not want a bike, and he does not want a dog. All he wants is to play soccer....[Read More]

DVD JumpRopeSprint

DVD JumpRopeSprint Run time: 81 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Family | Sport Director: Stephen Ihli Writers: Stephen Ihli, Eric Small Stars: Kerris Dorsey, Max Gail, Kim Myers StorylineWhat started as a silly idea for a movie has become a reality. When director, Stephen Ihli, pitched the idea to Producer, Eric Small, it seemed like an impossibly wacky idea that no one would take seriously. A mo...[Read More]

DVD Azgrab: The Documentary

DVD Azgrab: The Documentary Run time: 1,669 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Sport Director: Nathanial Carter, Mike Poppa Writers: Nathanial Carter Stars: Johnny Blanton, Nathanial Carter, Daniel Cochran Donovan StorylineTake a first-hand-glance into the realms of everyday-household-names such as ‘The Puppet’, ‘The Old Guy’, and ‘The Britt’. Run along with ̵...[Read More]

DVD Tapped Out

DVD Tapped Out Run time: 105 min Rating: 5.3 Genres: Action | Drama | Sport Director: Allan Ungar Writers: Jerry Buteyn, Cody Hackman Stars: Michael Biehn, Cody Hackman, Krzysztof Soszynski StorylineOne-time martial arts prodigy Michael Shaw is sentenced to community service at a rundown karate school, where he gets back into the discipline of the sport. During a local MMA fight he encounters the ...[Read More]

DVD Duel of Legends

DVD Duel of Legends Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Drama | Sport Director: Hector Echavarria Writers: Brad Bode, Fuad C’Amanero Stars: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Hector Echavarria Storyline1967 China, A young boy (Dax) is left to survive on his own in the middle of no were, after his missionary parents were murdered by rebels. He is found and Raised by a Shawl...[Read More]

DVD Heroes of Dirt

DVD Heroes of Dirt Run time: 102 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Drama | Sport Director: Eric Bugbee Writers: Kevyn Bashore, Eric Bugbee Stars: Joel Moody, William Martinez, Vivian Vanhorn StorylinePassionate BMX dirt jumper, Phin Cooper (Joel Moody), wants nothing in life but to attain fame in his sport and get paid doing it. After missing out on a competition when he lands in jail for unpaid ci...[Read More]

DVD Battle B-Boy

DVD Battle B-Boy Run time: 89 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Comedy | Sport Director: Frank Lin Writers: Frank Lin Stars: Jae Phan, Alison Dahlstrom, Ricky Cole StorylineA group of talented but financially struggling B-Boys join an underground fighting ring in Downtown Los Angeles that uses Hip-Hop music and Break dancing to battle for money. To save the life of one of their friend’s fathe...[Read More]

DVD Fight to the Finish

DVD Fight to the Finish Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Romance | Sport Director: Warren Sheppard Writers: Warren Sheppard Stars: Jennifer Hale, Tonya Kay, Vincent De Paul StorylineSean McGill is a young man who loves the art of fighting and what it means. He’s ready to move out on his own after living with his parents and saving up from numerous jobs. His morals about fighting are put to the c...[Read More]

DVD Riding Destiny

DVD Riding Destiny Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Sport Details:Release Date: 2014 (USA) | See all in-development titles on IMDbPro

DVD Full Strike

DVD Full Strike Rating: 0.0 Genres: Action | Comedy | Sport Director: Chi-kin Kwok, Henri Wong Writers: Chi-kin Kwok, Henri Wong Stars: Josie Ho, Ekin Cheng, Shaw Yin Yin StorylineDetails Details:Country: Hong KongRelease Date: 2 October 2014 (Hong Kong) Box OfficeBudget: HKD 30,000,000 (estimated)

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