DVD Husk

DVD Husk
DVD Husk

Run time: 83 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Director: Brett Simmons
Writers: Brett Simmons, Brett Simmons
Stars: Devon Graye, Wes Chatham, C.J. Thomason
Scott, Chris, Johnny, Brian and his girlfriend Natalie are traveling together to spend a couple of days together nearby a lake. In a remote road in the limits of a cornfield, Scott hits a crow with his truck and their car breaks down. Johnny crosses the cornfield to seek help in an old farmhouse and vanishes. Brian and Chris cross the cornfield together heading to the house. Meanwhile, Natalie is dragged by something and Scott unsuccessfully tries to help her. Soon, the three friends find that they are stranded and a supernatural force is holding them in the farmhouse. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Plot Keywords: cornfield, group of friends, crow, based on short film, pickup truck
Country: USA
Release Date: 24 November 2011 (South Korea)


  1. I have to say I enjoyed this movie. When I got my hands on it there wasn't much info about it here except negative stuff so I wasn't really expecting much. Still I decided(like always after seeing a new movie w/ no ratings yet bashed here) to peep the trailer. The trailer gave the impression that it could go either way so I decided to give it a shot.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a nice little Horror movie. Even though at times It felt like I was watching a TV movie it still held my attention throughout the film. Most of the characters were only one one dimensional, but its a horror flick so thats forgivable. The unfolding of the back-story of the house was done just right not getting ahead of itself and becoming too predictable. Generally a good flick for a rainy Sunday afternoon or a late-night movie.

    Probably only deserves a 6, but since I love Horror flicks and this movie had about 20 "1" ratings before it was even released I gave it a 7.

    IBMD really shouldn't allow people to vote on movies before they're released because all the people with grudges against the writers/directors come along and vote 1. Or the opposite happens and the whole film crew gives it 10's which prompts trolls to counter it with 1's and the crazy loop continues. Anyway, final vote is a 7.

    Recommended to those who like Haunted house films.

  2. It's still pretty refreshing for a genre that's still holding on to the Saw/Hostel phase pretty firmly. It's not another remake that's PG-13 and made for a quick buck. All in all, I liked Dead Birds better, but this is based on a short film from 2005(and may have been written before Dead Birds came out.) The acting is freaking solid all around, while a few characters make horrible decisions, the writing isn't bad. Don't dismiss it because of its low score, because this is far better than a 4.6. And scarecrows and corn fields always manage to be a good setting(especially when you throw in an old house.) Oh, and it has a few solid jump scares, and not just the throwing a cat out of nowhere style that Carpenter and other greats have talked about. It was nice to have a horror film as a premiere on Sci Fi instead of another Sharktopus film or whatever Sy Fy has. Felt like a throwback to back in 2004-2007 when occasionally the premieres were films you wanted to see.

  3. I got to watch this movie for Scarecrow killer, nails and CJ Thomason. Movie starts right away, five young people driving and suddenly… bam. Don't want to tell the whole story right away. True, the movie is full of plot holes and unexplained things and it's not realistic. But, if you are a horror fan who is not seeking for 'most rational movie award', but instead a great fright, this should do. Two things I loved about this movie are that it's very spooky and unpredictable. Atmosphere is dark and corn field, scarecrow, abandoned house and crows are just a bonus. Blood is realistic and the fear is all around. Trust me, you'll never be board. And I dare you, after you see the cast, just please tell me who's gonna be a main character. I really dare you. It's not your typical virgin, yet proud and brave teenage girl. Three main characters are easy to connect with. The acting is very good. And the killer is awesome looking. Of course that his back-story is very vague, full of unexplained things and incomplete, but at least he looks cool and kills in a very nasty ways. I think it's actually a pretty good horror movie. Not a complete movie with everything about everyone, but a really good segment what happens in an abandoned cursed corn field. Don't expect an Academy Award winning drama, but suspense is guaranteed.

  4. husk is a movie that, starting out, i felt was going to be the same as every other slasher in the genre. its cliché right off the bat but around 1/3 in it starts to get rather interesting with this whole supernatural side of things going on and not just some dude in a mask with a taste for murder.

    the acting, direction, script and dialogue is all at times questionable such as characters doing the things you know you'd just not do in such a situation. they say things you wouldn't say, or at times Don't do things you WOULD do such as panic, cry, or just do whatever it takes to get the hell out of the way of whats butchering your friends.

    all-in-all though id give HUSK a 6 out of 10. its quite worthy of a watch if you can look through a couple cliché's and some dodgy actors/direction because there's some really neat touches, scares, and new takes on the genre.

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