DVD Northeast

DVD Northeast
DVD Northeast

Run time: 77 min
Rating: 5.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Gregory Kohn
Writers: Gregory Kohn
Stars: Utkarsh Ambudkar, Russ Armstrong, David Call
Will, an unemployed and aimless playboy living in Brooklyn, New York, has spent his 20’s skating on easy charm from one casual, distant affair to the next. Noticing his friends’ happiness as they gradually settle into steady jobs and committed relationships, Will decides to trade apathy for effort in order to find someone with whom he can start the next chapter of his life. Written by Official site
Country: USA
Release Date: 26 December 2011 (USA)

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  1. If you watch the 1 1/2 minute trailer instead of full 77 minute film, you will not only get the full message of the film but you will save 75 minutes of your life!

    It took me two evenings to watch this relatively short film as the first 20 minutes are subject to so much camera shake that I started to get motion sickness — something I have never experienced before even in an IMAX theater.

    Sadly, the summary from the "official site" doesn't really reflect the film. There really is no character development later in the film or any real story line as that term is normally used.

    The acting is not bad but the characters are one-dimensional. One is left wishing that the writers had given us more.

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