DVD I Am Soldier

DVD I Am Soldier
DVD I Am Soldier
Run time: 84 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Action | Thriller | War
Director: Ronnie Thompson
Writers: Ronnie Thompson
Stars: Duncan Casey, Lee Charles, Noel Clarke
I Am Soldier follows Mickey Tomlinson (Tom Hughes), a military chef, who attempts the most dangerous military selection known to man: The Special Air Service (S.A.S.) selection. The S.A.S. Is the United Kingdom’s most renowned Special Forces Regiment, tasked with life threatening missions in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Mickey has more military experience than simply being a chef, something he doesn’t let on to the other candidates… Mickey is smashed by this selection process – his mind, body and soul scream for mercy as he endures torturous speed-marches over the steepest mountains, running for his life during ‘Escape and Evasion’ and then facing the most evil interrogation possible, during the deadly phase known as: ‘Tactical Questioning.’ Even after everything, there is still only one way you can really prove yourself: in combat… Many try to get into the S.A.S. Only the elite make it. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK
Release Date: 17 March 2014 (UK)


  1. You know, there are at least 15-20 million of people in Europe that know how Serbian sounds like. Why insult them with pathetic attempts of non-native speakers trying to wrap their mouths around it in such a terrible manner that not even native Serbian could understand what a hell they're trying to say? It's unacceptable with today's technology. You could have found local Serbian teens, pay them a hamburger to dub those parts. This way it only amounts to super low production. Otherwise I can't say I didn't find some fun in the movie, even acting is not so bad as other reviews might make you think. If it only wasn't for those joke parts in which (supposedly native?) Serbian woman butchers the language to unspeakable extent…

  2. A film about the SAS and the gruelling training should impart the emotional effect that it has on the squadies who attend it. At no point did I feel the SAS selection was tough – I mean, sure, they had to run and they were out of breath but… I didn't get the sense that each person was being broken down to be built back up in the image wanted by the SAS.

    Now, the film also had another plot – the journey of the main guy. Except the very thing he had to overcome he didn't. A shortcut was put in, again, not allowing the viewer to emotionally connect with the trauma or hardship he experienced.

    Let's get onto the ending which, even to me as someone who has never served, was a sham attempt at the SAS in action. Special Forces don't run behind one another with their guns pointed at their colleagues. Also, the BAM, BOOM, CABOSH Batman-esque sound effects were awful. What was also awful was the Bosnian language used. I mean, I assume it was Bosnian because the guys were introduced to us as that way but it's another shocking way that the Balkan language is represented (I could *list* the films and TV shows that do the same. The L Word even listed the Serbian translator as an Italian Translator). No excuse in this day and age. If your actors can't speak the language then list the bad guys as coming from somewhere else, please.

    So, to surmise. Fails to hit the mark. No emotional connection. Vapid script. A lack of tone through the movie. Small details were so wrong that they were jarring.

    4/10 because I'm clearly feeling nice today.

  3. Very low budget film.

    If you liked ultimate force then you will probably like this too. As soon as i seen Alex Reid in the story line i instantly thought ultimate force.

    I initially thought it was going to be a documentary type of film. How wrong. It only contains a few facts about the SAS and its selection.

    This film could have been a lot better. It should have been a lot more factual that it actually appears.

    Never mind. Hopefully there won't be a 2nd making of it. However if there is then hopefully they spend a little more money.

  4. Is 'I am soldier' a film about the harsh training one has to go through to become an elite SAS soldier? No, the film fails in this regard. Although we do get to see the candidates go through the infamous SAS marches carrying various weights of bergen, the brutality of this process is not communicated well or even at all. (Remember men have died doing this). Where is the 4 week jungle course, the swimming and running tests, arms training etc? No, this is not a film about the SAS selection process Is it a film about our protagonist overcoming his fear of parachuting? No, although the numerous flashbacks and his story of a comrade dying during a parachute jump would have you think otherwise. How does he get over this fear? He doesn't, his instructor pushes him out of the helicopter and all is hunky-dory, smiles and a pat on the back.

    What 'I am soldier' is really about is how pretty-boy Tom Hughes manages to keep his perfectly coiffured hair intact throughout this 'grueling' training process whilst at the same time trying to pull a 'bird'. I spent most of the film wondering what product he uses.

    All in all the film is not about anything much and is extremely vague in its direction and lacks closure in some plot elements. The sub-par acting by our leading man and much of the cast feels forced and lacks conviction, one exception being Ian Pirie as brief his appearance is.

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