DVD Ramayya Vastavayya

DVD Ramayya Vastavayya
DVD Ramayya Vastavayya
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama
Director: Harish Shankar
Writers: Ramesh Reddy, Harish Shankar
Stars: Junior N.T.R., Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Shruti K. Haasan
Nandu (Jr NTR) and his group of friends are happy go lucky guys and he gets struck when he sees Akarsha (Samantha). From thereon, he tries all ways to impress her and finally manages to do that. He is invited for Akarsha’s sister marriage and there he meets her father (Mukesh Rishi) who is going through a series of life threats and other issues from hidden enemies. Nandu comes forward and offers to help. However, there is a motive behind Nandu’s help and what happens from there forms the rest of the story. Written by Anonymous
Country: India
Release Date: 10 October 2013 (India)


  1. After tasting a disastrous flop of 'Shock' , the director Harish Shankar never stepped back , came with a nice movie titled 'Mirapakay' and got a hit.! Then again , he was even more lucky to make a movie with Pawan Kalyan and got a hit too.! But now , apart from 'Gabbar Singh' , his previous works were all screenplay based gripping thrillers. But this flick is not of that genre. Harish tried his level best to showcase Jr NTR in the youngster look and was successful in doing so. But showing some one like that isn't enough for a movie to be a hit. It needs a story and a nice screenplay too. But , I think Harish just missed that small logic and started to concentrate too much on Tiger's look and style than the movie itself , leading to a very dry and unfinished product. The major flaw I found is with the "PROPER" introduction of characters , where Samantha's name is not known till some time in First- Half before the Intermission. And nobody even knows what NTR character's name is , except for his nickname being 'Ram'.! The dances were not of NTR's Trademark style. The music was not at all an asset. And when it comes to BGM , I'd say better forget about it.! NTR maintained his energy and sense of humor all through the First-Half whereas his dark side unfolds in the next half. Samantha was as usual , gorgeous and attractive as a show-piece is. When it comes to Shruti Hassan , It was a blunder by Harish to select her for this role , not at all apt. And upon that , Shruthi giving her own voice for her character , unbearable.! Apart from the strong One-Liners and a nice First-Half , the movie turns out a not up-to-mark entertainer. And once again our Young Tiger fails to prove himself to be a 'Multiplex Hero' as well as 'A Woman's Man'. Too much of blood-shed , not at all recommended for children. Only hard- core NTR fans will like the movie.

  2. Ntr is one of the few talented actors in Telugu.

    Whenever a promising director decides to do a movie with him, they restrict themselves to a formula.

    1st half was entertaining and the interval block promised a lot.

    Unfortunately the later half turned out be a clichéd revenge drama.

    Harish tried hard to elevate the movie but it became dull due to predictable and violence filled scenes and it continued till the end.

    Ntr's performance was good. Songs were OK but the background score was loud and repetitive.

    Overall, it failed to live up to the expectations

    Watch it if u r so desperate for a mass movie

  3. I don't know how many people will agree but Jr.NTR can act, dance and fight better than many superstars in any language through out India. So what!! With respect to decision making about the acceptance of movies…he is one of the most terrible. Many times he pick absolute pieces of crap, Baadshah, Dammu, Shakti and Kantri for instance. And this one "Ramayya Vastavayya" is no way different!! May be NTR has got more than 10 lessons that he has to look a 'script' instead of director while committing for it.

    Talking about the movie..nothing new, nothing good, nothing entertaining. Only NTR could be the rescue factor. The interval twist made me give one more point out of 10 which otherwise would have been a 2/10. I wonder how this movie has got a 6.7 on IMDb. May be people voted as for Prabhu Deva's "Ramaiya Vastavaiya", the Hindi film. A dumb review posted below says this!!

    I heard people saying 1st half is good!!! When I actually saw the movie, I was like What!!??. And second half is extremely predictable. The biggest spoiler of the movie is everybody knew Shruthi Haasan has got a role in the movie. If director had kept her role undercover during the making, it could keep an element of enthusiasm for the viewers.

    A blahhh from my side for Thaman's music which is as usual!! However, "Neneppudaina kala gannana" song is good 🙂 Editing is smooth and Cinematography is fine!

    A doubt that is hunting me till I came out of the theater is..Why the hell had Dil Raju accepted such a terrible script??

  4. I don't understand how this film can be rated 5.something just like for instance the other telugu masala film Naayak which was really bad.

    I enjoyed Ramayya Vasthavayya and I'm not even fond of this type of entertainer. I liked the story – nothing new but well developed, some really nice scenes. There were some funny moments without the annoying unsubtle type of humour you often have in these movies. Acting was good – good performances by Samantha and Shruti Hasaan and a really good one by NTR. Musical numbers were *very* good – great music, I actually really enjoy all the songs that are varied and highly catchy, and the choreographies of course show all the talent NTR has for dancing.

    It's entertaining without being dumb. A good masala film.

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