DVD Spirits Asunder

DVD Spirits Asunder
DVD Spirits Asunder
Run time: 90 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Elyas Ahmad
Writers: Elyas Ahmad
Stars: Nick Thomas-Webster, Jasmine Du’Pre, Yana Roykhman
The spirit of a deceased young adult returns among the living. His girlfriend, adamant to uncover the truth behind the death closed down by police as undecipherable, enlists the aid of some friends. Joining them in their quest is an eccentric genius and an Angel sent from the heavens. When they discover the death is connected to a series of deaths going back over half a century by an entity, a powerful confrontation ensues. But when an ancient evil which had lain dormant for a thousand years is awoken in the process with devastating results, the fate of the entire planet rests on the shoulders of few. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK

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