DVD Arrêtez-moi

DVD Arrêtez-moi
DVD Arrêtez-moi

Run time: 99 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Thriller
Director: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld
Writers: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, Jean Teulé
Stars: Sophie Marceau, Miou-Miou, Yann Ebonge
Un soir, une femme se rend dans un commissariat pour confesser le meurtre de son mari violent, commis il y a plusieurs années… See full synopsis »
Country: France
Release Date: 6 February 2013 (France)

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  1. At first sight, the audience think of Claude Miller's GARDE A VUE. Almost entirely shot in one set, the face to face between the two leads: a police officer and the suspect.

    Here, a very strange and unusual tale, where a widow – Sophie Marceau – goes to the police station to testify against herself. She declares the murder of her late husband, ten years ago, a violent husband who regularly beat her. And the inquest at this time concluded as an accident, or suicide.

    Yes, a weird and surprising story, where, I was also surprised to see that Marceau seemed not convinced by her character. But the very ending


    is poignant at the most, terrific. Marceau is finally imprisoned and she talks to her son, during one visiting room, and she tells him that she killed his father – his god – ONLY to prove to her son that she was not ONLY a victim. She wanted him to be proud of her.


    And the subplot about the female police officer – Miou Miou – and her own mother and father, is also very unusual and excellent.

    I will finish by pointing out the Marc Barbe character, as the violent late husband. Barbe is the absolutely perfect character for such a character. No actor in the world would have played it better than him. No one. He seems to be born for such characters. Remember him in TROIS HUIT. The prefect disgusting bastard. A very good actor.

    But is he really only an actor in such characters?

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