DVD Baana Kaathadi

DVD Baana Kaathadi
DVD Baana Kaathadi

Rating: 6.3
Genres: Romance
Director: Badri Venkatesh
Writers: L.K.
Stars: Atharvaa Murali, Prasanna, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Plot Keywords: two word title
Country: India
Release Date: 6 August 2010 (India)

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  1. For a debut, Adharvaa does a terrific job while Samantha Ruth Prabhu's only task is to fill the screen with her charm and looks. Baana Kaathadi flies into the areas no filmmaker has gone. It tries to engage kite-flying with romance and a little bit of gangster drama. Prasanna's gangster morph-up isn't going to help the actor in any way as did his antagonist shade in Anjaathey. The actor needs to identify himself before taking up roles which might impress him. Back to Adharvaa, as a kid from the slums, he's definitely a shout. Think about a dream debut and Baana Kaathadi is his vehicle. Of course, the film was a box office disappointment but look at the raw energy the actors in the film bring out. Murali must be smiling from his grave.

    P.S. The film has been marketed as a romantic entertainer. Most movies are. It's just that, they change hands usually in the last 1 hour.

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