DVD Babe, I Love You

DVD Babe, I Love You
DVD Babe, I Love You

Rating: 6.3
Genres: Romance
Director: Mae Czarina Cruz
Writers: Mia Bacarro, Margarette Labrador
Stars: Sam Milby, Anne Curtis, Laurice Guillen
Plot Keywords: title as song, title based on song
Country: Philippines
Release Date: 3 April 2010 (Philippines)


  1. Textbook recipe of a chick flick. Copying the Hollywood model where a romantic story is laced with a serious agenda. In this movie the struggle between low class, poorly educated and high class well educated society is well visualized. The movie is well packed with funny scenes without pushing the movie on to be a comedy. There are also enough tear dripping scenes to awaken strong feelings for the characters in the movie. I wouldn't say that the actors are the best I've seen, but then again I don't know the Philippines, the culture nor the people. I enjoyed that the movie was spoken mainly in Filipino, even though I don't understand a word of the language. It just feels so wrong when you see a flick from a non English speaking country and all the actors are speaking English. It's almost as bad a watching an old American western that is dubbed.

    All in all I'd say this movie was refreshing and well worth the watch.

  2. Yeah, this is so true. Well, Only he made me sit & watch this Movie. As I Guess I have fell in Love with this Guy as I don't know. I love him Now coming back to the Movie. I Loved him because of his Looks the way he speaks his Accent is so Sexy & Yammy & Tasty & O La La La 😉 The way he speaks English Just takes my heart away from me OK again coming back Movie, well then this Movie had one very particular similarity no In-fact I would say 2 Similarities of the Movie "And I Love You So (2009)" The first one is that Sam Milby has the Same looks in the Entire Movie as he got that particular look in the Movie "And I Love You So (2009)" in Only two sense the ending one and the one where he was being cheated from his anyways in this Movie he's kind of Neat & Clean & O La La Personality Type in Entire Movie very Sober & Decent Look.Well, the thing is this Movie had a very similar ending of the Movie "And I Love You So (2009)" which was kind of predictable as well all know that Life's always hard and we sit & we wanna watch a Movie with Happy endings not sad and crying endings so I Guess it was fair and It was My 2nd Filipino Movie so I ain't gonna be hard on it anyways I Really really Loved 4 Sences in the Movie

    1) Where Sam Milby comes & explain to her Mom how he feels about everyday of his life front of her own Mom which was extremely difficult for him to live with that kind of Reality. Sam Milby Delivered A Beautiful performance & made me cry ,,,,,,,;( I can't believe that even A Man can cry & made me cry with him.It was the Special Moment of the Movie.

    2) When Sam Milby takes Anne Curtis (Sasa) to Zambales & the entire way It's how the Normally all girls can't find their way and On the phone irritating guys and I Loved it when Sam Milby (Nico Borromeo) takes her Entire Luggage, the way he throw them on beach & just gone and then he comes back because of Rain & then calling her mom & she thinks that Its her Girl friend Under the Cottage Beach in the Rain that Entire scene is Just Wonderful & Beautifully directed by Mae Czarina Cruz.I simply loved it,Its very filmy & that's the way it should be.

    3) Then when he comes into his room & Sam Milby (Nico Borromeo) reveals his Tiger Tattoo that was a hot & cool scene

    4) The thing I Loved that in this Entire Movie Anne Curtis (Sasa) didn't speak A Full sentence of English Lanuage which was Great because whenever in the Movie "And I Love you So (2009)"Bea Alonzo Lara did speak English I was praying that someone go back & tell her to start speaking Filipino Language as It was cool when they were speaking Filipino & Sam Milby (Nico Borromeo)+ Sam Milby Chris were replying in English language + Filipino

    All in all It was a Great entertaining Movie.I loved it Only because of Sam Milby & the Sweet Romantic Comic touch of the Story line.It was fun to watch & I love you Sam Milby. Always keep coming hot & cool yet Best romantic Movies from you 😉 Love You Always & Forever

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