DVD Caníbal

DVD Caníbal
DVD Caníbal

Run time: 116 min
Rating: 5.7
Genres: Thriller
Director: Manuel Martín Cuenca
Writers: Humberto Arenal, Alejandro Hernández
Stars: Antonio de la Torre, Olimpia Melinte, María Alfonsa Rosso
Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he’s also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life and love awakens.
Plot Keywords: one word title, female rear nudity, male rear nudity, female nudity, hit by a car
Country: Spain, Romania, Russia, France
Release Date: 11 October 2013 (Spain)


  1. The movie's title isn't ironic. It isn't a metaphor. Carlos really is a cannibal. If you can get past the (few) scenes you should expect as a result, this film will reward you with layers you didn't expect.

    Antonio de la Torre plays an understated Carlos. No surprise he's rather obsessive compulsive – makes for one quirky cannibal. The fact that the film doesn't lead you to how exactly he became a cannibal is fine – leaves lots of room for the imagination to work, and there are enough clues to get you started. He also does the majority of his acting without speaking – something one doesn't see a ton of in North American films, and for this I am grateful to the director and writer.

    Olimpia Melinte is also very good and understated in her performance, standing up just fine to Carlos as she turns his world upside down.

    Kudos to Manuel Martín Cuenca for playing every note perfectly and brilliant casting. And kudos too to Cameron Bailey for putting this in his must see list for TIFF 2013.

  2. A sumptuous love story starred by a loner called Carlos (Antonio De La Torre) , he is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he's also a series killer in the shadows . He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina (Olimpia Melinte in double role as Alexandra / Nina) appears in his life and love awakens . Carlos unexpectedly finds himself falling in love with his latest prospective victim . As their love is insatiable .

    Thrilling story about a strange tailor and his relationship with a Romanian girl , filled with lasting images , style and slow moving . It is an exciting film displaying suspense , intrigue , tension , a touching love story , nudism and interesting drama well written by Humberto Arenal and the same filmmaker and based on the novel by Alejandro Hernández . Manuel Martin Cuenca's dark romance centres on a tailor and secret cannibal played masterfully by Antonio de la Torre who gives an awesome portrait of a weird man , being set in Granada Holy Week . In Cannibal, we see a surprisingly thoughtful approach to an otherwise gruesome premise, one we're confident audiences will be well gripped into a peculiar romance and a twisted intrigue . This low budget film received a positive reception from its first screening at various festivals and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival . Furthermore , Cannibal won numerous prizes , being premiered at Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain , Feroz Awards , San Sebastián International Film Festival ,Santa Barbara International Film Festival , Spanish Actors Unión and especially various Goya Awards (Spanish Oscar) such as Best Cinematography : Pau Esteve Birba , Goya Best Actor : Antonio de la Torre , Best New Actress : Olimpia Melinte , Best Director : Manuel Martín Cuenca and Best Screenplay Adapted : Manuel Martín Cuenca and Alejandro Hernández .

    Colorful and evocative cinematography by Pau Esteve Birba filmed on location in Granada ,Güejar Sierra, Motril and Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucía, Spain . The film was well produced by Fernando Bovaira , one of the best Spanish producers , financing a lot of films in lavish budgets such as ¨The others¨ , ¨The sea inside¨ , ¨Agora¨ , ¨Mortadelo and Filemon¨, ¨Butterfly tongue¨ , among others . Manuel Martin Cuenca has established himself as one of Spain's most artistically astute directors , his works consistently evolving in skill and style . Manuel Martín Cuenca was born on November 30, 1964 in Almería , Almería, Andalucía , location where he usually shoots his pictures . He is a good director and writer, known for La Flaqueza Del Bolchevique (2003) , Malas Temporadas (2005) , 4 Puntos Cardinales (2002) , being his best movie this Caníbal or Cannibal (2013) . Rating : Better than average . Worthwhile watching .

  3. "Cannibal" (2013 release from Spain; 117 min.) brings the story of Carlos, a well-respected tailor for the 1% in Grenada at day, but a cold-blooded murderer and cannibal at night. As the movie opens, we see a couple at a gas station and when they drive away, Carlos follows them, and causes their car to crash. He takes the woman with him, and does what he does. Carlos has a lovely new neighbor in his building, a Romanian girl named Alexandra who moved to Spain with her sister Nina to make money and support their parents financially back home. When Alexandra also "is disappeared" by Carlos, Nina comes looking for her sister. To tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: first and foremost, don't be fooled by or intimidated by the movie's title. This is MILES away from "Silence of the Lambs" and its sequels, as this is NOT a horror movie or an action movie. Yes there are several harrowing scenes in it, but the focus of the movie is on a much deeper level, namely how one man can find himself in this position and just when you think you've figured him out, you are taken into a new direction. Second, kudos to director Manuel Martín Cuenca, whose previous movies (including "Malas temporadas" and "The Weakness of the Bolshevik" are now on my "want-to-see-badly" list. Third, the pacing of the moving is glacier-like, and I mean this as a complement. Check out the opening scene at the gas station, which takes several minutes and the camera doesn't change angles or zooms in, it simply lets you take it all in (this comes back a number of times in the movie). In keeping with the deliberate slow pace, there equally is no musical score for the movie (the only occasional music we hear is from the radio in Carlos' tailor shop). Last but certainly not least, the 2 main actors, Antonio de la Torre as Carlos and Olimpia Melinte in the dual role of Alexandra and Nina, give towering performances which will stay with you long after you've seen the movie.

    "Cannibal" is the June, 2014 release in Film Movement's DVD-of-the-Month Club, and the DVD will become generally available to the public later this yea. As is usually the case, the DVD comes with a bonus shortie, and this month we get "Ogre" (18 min., from France), about a heavy-set man who encounters an all-too-kind young lady at the beach. Equally worth checking out! Meanwhile, "Cannibal" is a fantastic addition to Film Movement's ever-growing library of foreign and indie movies. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  4. A couple in a car is intentionally forced off the road. The car flips over, presumably both die. The guy responsible in the other car grabs the female and drags her into his car. He drives to a cabin in the mountains where he butchers her and takes the neatly packed pieces of meat back home and in his fridge. The guy is a tailor living in an apartment.

    He meets an attractive Romanian neighbor who is also attracted to him. She offers him her massage services if he lets her put some fliers in his shop. She tries to get closer to him but he recoils every time. She has a fight with relatives in her apartment and files a report with the police. One day she disappears.

    Now her twin sister shows up at the guy's door asking if she's seen the missing sister. She too files a report with the police with the guy's help. She tells him that she suspects that the sister ran off with some money. She has parents elsewhere in Spain who bought an apartment and the sister probably stole their money. Now the guy offers to give her four thousand euro just like that. In exchange for nothing. She's suspicious. But as there's also a violent Romanian thug who was the sister's boyfriend and keeps causing her trouble, she seeks refuge with the tailor.

    One day she gives him a massage but he quickly leaves, drives to a beach, watches a couple, when they go into the water, he runs over the guy and goes after the girl but she vanishes in the water.

    Now the guy offers to take the girl to his cabin. She agrees. Part of his plan was to get her to leave with the money to see her parents. And at the cabin no one will suspect that she's there in particular the thug. He drugs her, tries to butcher her, but he can't. Next he confesses to her that he killed her sister and that he's killed 8 other woman and eaten them, and that he nearly killed her. She doesn't believe it. When they drive down the mountain, she grabs the wheel, the car loses control, flips over and she dies.

    Cannibal is one long, slow, dull, boring movie. I guess the heading "A love story" should be a warning to audiences looking for some horror thriller. It's not much of a love story either. There's just nothing there. Every scene is excessively long. Starting from the intro credits which has the camera at a distance and watches for 5 minutes as the couple stops at a gas station. Plenty of scenes are completely pointless and add nothing to the story. Our unlikely cannibal is a radical cannibal on top of that. He won't eat anything beside human meat. No veggies, no occasional trips to the restaurant, no food cooked by the girl for him.

    You would think that as a long European movie, they would fill the scenes with dialogue, screaming, drama. But not this one. The guy has little to nothing to say about anything. So most of the movie is just silent. For better or worse there's no musical score. It wouldn't be Spanish movie if there weren't some church business involved. And he's hired to copy a religious mantle of sorts. I guess it's supposed to be ironic. The movie ends with a religious procession.

    Olimpia Melinte is adorable and attractive. But she can't save this movie all by herself. There is some beautiful outdoor scenery occasionally. Cannibal unfortunately has nothing to offer, not much of a story, no ideas, no insight, little titillation.

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