DVD Elimination

DVD Elimination
DVD Elimination

Run time: 87 min
Rating: 3.4
Genres: Action | Horror | Thriller
Director: Juan Carlos Vargas
Writers: Juan Carlos Vargas, John Azpilicueta
Stars: Danny Vasquez, Nicole Warner, Daniel Fanaberia
Ten actors audition on a reality show for a million dollars. All they have to do is survive three killers, and each other – streaming live over the Internet.
Country: USA
Release Date: 24 June 2011 (Germany)


  1. I can not seem to comprehend why movies like these are allowed to hit the screens. Senseless violence, needless nudity and just plain simple lame CG. The story itself is well, just okay; a bad copy of the SAW series, but the movie itself is completely pathetic. I actually slept half way in the movie, a complete waste of time. The cast did a fair job acting their characters but the way the whole thing unfold is just simply D GRADE if there is one; and if there isn't well, now there is one 🙂

    A word of advise, save a few brain cells watch something else…I feel dumb already….

  2. The poster looked promising and since I'm a fan of a "trap" movie myself, I decided to watch this.

    As the movie starts, I already knew that the film itself will be at its poor quality. The lighting was too bright and the "audition" thing was a bad start up. The actors did the worst acting I've ever seen in a 'horror movie'. We feel no sympathy for any characters and the director tried to evoke the audience by showing some nudity in the intro.

    What's with the laser guns, actors who kill people (amazon girl and the fat clown), worthless CG for the traps, random girl trapped in this trap involving fire… All didn't work at all. It came to a point where I was curious of what the movie was actually about.

    What was with the amazon girl suddenly revealing herself as an average job seeker thirsty for money?…

    What audition did these guys expect ? What's with the old man randomly changing voice in the ending ?

  3. I like horror films, even formulaic ones but this one was a stretch. It's not completely awful, there are aspects which are interesting and, intentional or otherwise, there are some funny parts too.

    Take a film like Saw – a series of set pieces, mix in a little slice of Hostel which had a more sadistically pessimistic view of people – that given a chance we'd love to mangle each other or pay to see it. However, this film isn't as dark, gruesome or scary as those.

    It reminds me of The Tournament, or maybe one of the Cube sequels. The CG in all three is a reality check. The fake guns shoot harmless sparks, the girl grabs her cut cheek in the wrong place, and the list goes on. Also, the lighting seems to be too bright – it's just not scary.

    With all of the reminders we're given about Elimination's genre, I'm still not buying it.

    The opening seemed promising with a funny driver shouting quaint nonsense but when you hear the line about this being the first acting audition, you'll realise that this is going to be pretty rough around the edges.

    Costumes stood out scary at times and often fairly ridiculous. The film will make you smile a few times, the comments about the sweatshirt, the 'hand terror' in which a girl and some onlookers are randomly paralysed with fear, as well as some bad star trek and poop jokes.

    Some kudos for the 'executive producer' effects which were creepy and voice acted well.

    About halfway through the film some interesting character turns start panning out which I thought were more successful. It's nothing unpredictable though.

    There is an outrageous Dark City zoom moment but some of the characters do get a little interesting. The acting helped. Some good stunt work too, and lots of nudity, those actors were trying.

    Mostly misses. See it if you're bored.

  4. Worst movie I've ever watched! Acting is very bad, although some actresses are hot. I just can't believe that professional actors can act that awful. I mean who chose those people, were they just picked up from street?!? Story is OK, but very similar to 'saw' with really poor effects. I had a feeling that this movie is some kind of parody to saw. Even worst parodies are better than this. Some amateur could've film a better movie than this. Worst spent hour and a half of my life. I don't know why I didn't turn it off when I realized who bad it is, probably hoped that it will get better, but it didn't so don't waste your time on this!!

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