DVD My Brother Jack

DVD My Brother Jack
DVD My Brother Jack

Run time: 88 min
Rating: 7.7
Genres: Mystery | Romance | Thriller
Director: Stephen Dest
Writers: Stephen Dest
Stars: Jon Thorndike, Malcolm Madera, Meissa Hampton
Two brothers witness the murder of their parents and grow up dealing with the tragedy in very different ways. As one brother struggles with mental illness and sleep paralysis, the other finds success in the unique world of found object art.
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013 (Bahamas)
Box Office
Budget: $45,000 (estimated)


  1. I had the opportunity to go to the films cast/crew screening. I was very impressed with the film as a whole, and the story kept me thinking well after it ended. I liked how the music was specific to the movie, since it was all composed by Jonny Rodgers, who is originally from New Haven. I liked how that ties in with the "New Haven" approach to the film. I enjoyed how the story line came together at the end, and I thought it was a smart movie, unpredictable, well written and creative. I was especially blown away by Jon Thorndike's performance as Vincent, and how he could make such a difficult, complex roll look so easy. I liked how the look, feel, and tone of the film went perfectly with the storyline, and my family and I were even more impressed when we found out that the film was made for under 40k, which it much less than it seemed.

  2. I loved this movie! The storyline was intelligent and engaging. I like when a film keeps me involved, no matter what the subject and this movie did just that. I was extremely impressed with performances of the two leads (Jon Thorndike and Malcolm Madera). The score was incredible, it really added to the film and created an environment that felt real. and I look forward to hearing more about this film in the coming year. Independent filmmaking is vital to this art form and when I see a movie like this, that is directed so well, I am very pleased. It's good to know that you don't need to have a big budget and Hollywood resources to make a great movie. This was a passionate and creative story, much different from what I've seen in some time.

  3. My wife and I really enjoyed My Brother Jack. It far exceeded my expectations, especially knowing the coffee-sized budget. Acting – especially Vincent, Alex, and Jack and really all the other actors was excellent. Story line was very engaging and filming so professional. There were so many wonderful shots and creative ways to connect the storyline and even the music seemed like a well thought out character in the storyline. We were so absorbed by your creation the entire time. Kudos to all your great creativity and energy. Keep it up and good luck with this and your future endeavors. We have always been supporters of independent film and having the opportunity to see this one, so early on, was a delight.

  4. I had the opportunity to see an early screening of "My Brother Jack," at the Criterion in New Haven, Connecticut. I remember on the ride home passing restaurants, parks, and buildings that I had seen on screen just minutes before. The wonderful thing about this film is that it showcases the beautiful city of New Haven and truly embraces the artistic culture of the city. As a student of the independent film, I have a great appreciation for the hard work and creativity that goes into making a film like this. I found the acting to be strong, particularly from the male cast. Jon Thorndike captures our attention from the moment he is first seen, portraying a man struggling from mental illness. The score, written by a local musician, added greatly to the suspense of the story. The cinematography had glimpses of beauty, most memorable for me was a sequence captured during a night snowfall.

    Overall, "My Brother Jack," was a very riveting film that kept the entire audience on the edge of their seats for the entire story. I look forward to seeing where this film goes, and hopefully seeing it receive the success it deserves.

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