DVD The Final Storm

DVD The Final Storm
DVD The Final Storm

Run time: 92 min
Rating: 3.5
Genres: Action | Horror | Thriller
Director: Uwe Boll
Writers: Tim McGregor
Stars: Steve Bacic, Lauren Holly, Luke Perry
A stranger named Silas flees from a devastating storm and finds refuge with Tom and Gillian on their farm. While struggling with the Storm, Silas seems to be the only one who can help Tom and Gillian weather it, but there are other more dangerous forces out there, that are waiting for the three. Written by themoth-83
Plot Keywords: storm, gang violence, end of the world, abandoned farmhouse, tattoo
Country: Canada, Germany
Release Date: 10 May 2010 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)


  1. While this movie will not win any academy awards, it was certainly much better produced and acted then 99% of the Syfy produced movies scifi fans such as myself typically end up enduring, etc. I would give it a 5-6 as a vote. The plot summary appearing on IMDb is not at all accurate (the son never disappears amongst other things, but Luke Perry does play a mysterious stranger with a hidden and menacing past which threatens the family amidst the turmoil of the general disaster).

    The actors all give reasonable performances, they are not wooden or overacting in the manner typical of smaller budget productions. All three principals – Lauren Holly (very attractive), Steve Bacic and Luke Perry were decent.

    However, one should be aware that this is not a slam bang action flick with all sorts of special effects, battles, etc. There is none of that in this movie. The movie is about a small family living in a rural area against the backdrop of something cataclysmic having occurred, but the hows and whats of that are never really delved into – rather the focal point of the story is how they are coping, the mysteries surrounding a stranger who has wandered onto their property, etc.

    I would deem the movie to be more of a suspense/thriller against a quasi sci-fi backdrop.

    On a plus note, it did keep our attention start to finish, and we were not hooting and hollering at grade F special effects and cheesy acting.

    On a negative note, the ending was somewhat of a mystery to us. We have some theories, but you are better off to watch the movie and come up with your own.

    I think overall this is the sort of movie actors do to keep paying the bills, but at least they gave it a decent go, and made the 90 minutes of the movie respectable rather then terrible.

  2. This movie was sort of a deviance from Uwe Bolls usual action-packed movies. Now, I am not saying that this is a bad movie. It just was building up suspense for something grand, but it never delivered.

    The movie in itself is fairly average, there are some nice scenes, and a constant underlying sense of dread throughout the movie. But somehow the movie never really reaches a climax. It never peaks, and just then it is all over.

    The story was sort of nice, and had sort of a semi-supernatural thing going on, but then suddenly turned in another direction. And then you just sat there and wondered why. That really didn't work all that well for the storyline.

    As for the cast and their acting. Well nothing wrong here. Lots of nice actors and actresses, and they all put on good performances. The cast really bore the movie, and kept it afloat.

    Now, I am not one to bad-mouth Uwe Boll's movies, and I like his previous work. I just think this one didn't quite make it up to there. But still, it is not a bad movie. Quite adequate for a thriller.

    There are many better thrillers out there, but give this one a chance. You might actually just like it.

  3. I gave this film an extra star because the camera didn't go rolling down a hill unexpectedly, there's a minimum of shaky cam work (too expensive for Boll?), and you can hear what everyone is saying. As far as plot, story, or acting, I'd give it one star (the IMDb minimum).

    I won't even try to explain the story. You would just laugh.

    As far as other issues of interest…er…hm…well, there are none. As usual, Boll manages to sneak in just one short scene to justify an "R" rating. (It's a bit of Lauren Holly in bed, but it's completely irrelevant to the story. Fortunately, Boll gets it out of the way in the first five minutes. You can go on watching the rest of the movie with confidence that you won't see anything nearly as exciting again.)

    As we're all tired of pointing out, there are fresh new directors out there who could use a little money to get a start on films with imagination. It's a sin and a shame that Boll still gets backers for turkeys like this.

    Not recommended.

  4. I saw this movie last night on cable TV (FIOS, actually) and only kept watching it because I recognized a few of the actors. After reading the other reviews and thinking it through myself, I can offer you a synthesized explanation for the plot elements and storyline: 1) Almost everybody disappears from the local community – but not a few ruffians in town.

    2) There is evidence they disappeared left quickly (half-eaten cookie & coffee in the police station at the dispatcher's seat) 3) It happened during a big storm – which adds to the mystery. Family dog disappeared (doesn't come back) during storm. Power is out, house is cold. After several days, food is low forcing trip to (semi) deserted local town for food – allowing for evidence of disappearance to be seen and for ruffians to attack. Storyline family and Luke Perry flee town after Luke helps defend husband from ruffians.

    4) Luke Perry originally showed up at (the storyline family's) farm during the storm and gets invited (mostly by wife) to stay with our storyline family after it's over.

    5) The husband of the family, Steve Bacic, may or may not be the best husband (some rude drinking).

    7) Lauren Holly (the wife) may or may not be a semi-bored, randy farm wife who's flattered by the attention from Luke at more than one point.

    8) In the TV version I saw, we get to see some cleavage and she's in her panties in the bathroom with Luke at one point. And while refilling the tub for Luke, his junk may have been visible to her, but she's not shy about staying there to talk.

    9) If you search online, you'll find out that a side-view of her breast was in the DVD version (while Lauren and hubby were doing it) in one scene.

    10) Luke has a Bible verse tattoo on his arm and mumbles Bible talk from time to time.

    11) Later on, we find out that Luke killed people at that farmhouse 20 years before (his father being one) – at the time, it was his family's house.

    12) We get a few clues during the movie that this might be the end of the world.

    13) Luke desires Holly and makes a violent play for her – just as the husband comes back from a trip to town (injured and in a weakened state).

    14) Family son rescues father from Luke's attempted hanging, which sets in motion final battle scene where Luke is killed.

    15) Stars vanish from night sky – world ends.

    OK, here's my synthesized storyline for you: Luke is The Prodigal Son who comes home. The family is his symbolic family and he's got Oedipal lust for the wife. The wife is sort of randy and might be unfaithful in her heart (just like mankind is unfaithful in our hearts to God, so too might she be to her husband).

    So then, Luke is the sin of man, let loose in real form to illustrate that at the end of the world, only those whose hearts are right with God get raptured.

    The Rapture is why most people disappeared, leaving ruffians in town and a sin-tinged farm family for the plot.

    The husband has sin because of booze and attitude, the kid because he's a mouth-off, the wife because she accepts intimate flattery from Luke.

    Luke is sin personified and when the family overcomes him (by resisting and fighting back), the world ends for them because they too are raptured.

    The movie is better than sleeping pills because it's non-chemical. But the effect is the same: you sleep well afterward.

    There are no hidden plot messages or twists to think about after it's over, so your mind switches right to sleep mode and you get a nice rest.

    For late night TV fare, I'd give it a 5 (of 10)

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