DVD The Holloway Story

DVD The Holloway Story
DVD The Holloway Story

Run time: 93 min
Rating: 8.3
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Willie Speight
Writers: Willie Speight
Stars: Jerome Ro Brooks, Dennis Coburn, Tony Folden
A small Southern town in rural Alabama, just off the Interstate and in the middle of nowhere in particular, is the setting for a drama of greed, power, murder and miscarriage of justice that few would suspect. Two white doctors ran a monopoly in the medical industry in York. They were absolutely loved and needed by their African American patients. If only the town knew, these doctors were members of the Ku Klux Klan. All hell breaks loose when Dr. Anderson Goldman realizes his wife in Alpharetta, Georgia has 24 hours to live. Written by Willie Speight
Country: USA
Release Date: September 2012 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $4,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I have to admit The Holloway Story by Willie Speight is a great book to read and I'm sure the movie will be just as good as the book. I would just about give anything in this world to meet Shelton Jerome Holloway. I can not imagine what this man has gone through for the past 24 years sitting behind a state prison for this crime which we all know he didn't do. I often ask myself how can a person who would commit such a crime like this live with themselves. Patricia Ann Hannah, from what i read in the book was one of the smartest child on earth, and the real killers who killed this beautiful child expect us to believe that a man with a 30IQ could do this to her? What a shame!! I will continue to pray for Shelton Jerome Holloway and his family although I do not approve what his mother did to him. I recently did my research and noticed Shelton Holloway is currently behind bars in Birmingham, Ala, I will be sending this man a letter of encouragement. God bless u all.

  2. I am a huge fan of Willie Speight. That man is so fine. I would wait on him for a year if i had to. Willie Speight signed the both of my books, Messy Black Women, and The Holloway Story just recently in Buckhead Ga, at his book signing. I melted when he gave me a hug. Incredible body, with the best butt i have ever seen in a man.He is the finest man i have ever laid eyes on. I would go anywhere or any place in this country to support this fine brother. Willie Speight is so down to earth. What a man. I look him up on IMDb.com 7 days a week just to see his sexy pictures. I can not wait until i get my hands on his new book coming out in November, White Women have stepped their game up.

  3. Just wrap up Willie Speight National Best Seller, The Holloway Story. I feel like choking Shelton Holloway mother, the sheriff,those two white doctors, their wives, their son David with the red hair, and the medical doctor in Meridian Mississippi, who knew dam well he had all Patricia Ann Hannah medical records. They prayed on this high school student, and they knew exactly what they was doing. She was only 16 years old people. I'm really in praying mood right now for MR. Shelton Jerome Holloway. I am lost for words. How can this Be? WHy didn't someone in the state of Alabama help this senseless young man? I have heard of many crazy stories in my life but I have NEVER witness anything like The Holloway Story. I'm going to do everything in my power to get involved with this story. This is a real issue that needs a solution.

  4. Honors to Willie Speight for doing this incredible true story. The white People who wrote all those negative articles in the newspaper tried everything in their power to stop Willie Speight for doing this story. I am so sick of hatred in this country, and I am a white business female business owner. Lets just call it as I see it. You have a black man who has been sitting in prison for the last 24 years with a 30 IQ, who they said SURGICALLY removed human organs from a black female who was a 16 year old high school student from Alabama. Now isn't something wrong with this picture. On the other hand you have a very successful black man by the name of Willie Speight, a national best selling author, and a film director who see fit that there is something wrong with this story. He gets involved and do the right thing. Now the white people in the South, the real killers, tried to figure out a way to stop The Holloway Story from coming out. Well two wrongs don't make a right. I believe in Karma!!! People get real here. A blind man can see straight through this story. The white people who killed this innocent high school teenager is going to have to pay for what they did. How would you like it if someone rape, and kill your daughter or your son? Locking up a innocent mentally retarded black man won't help you on this one. Thank you Mr. Speight for doing the right thing. keep up the good work. I will make sure everyone in my Church and Community support your new film and all your books. You are a good man. A handsome man too. God bless!

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