DVD Twisted Seduction

DVD Twisted Seduction
DVD Twisted Seduction

Rating: 7.6
Genres: Comedy | Romance | Thriller
Director: Dominique Adams
Writers: Dominique Adams
Stars: Caroline Brassard, Tom Broadwell, Mikaela Davies
David Grant is a 25 year old Englishman living in Montreal, who is looking for his true love. After finding traditional dating methods a statistical disaster, this Havard Graduate and genius mathematician has come up with a precise analysis to find his perfect compatible match. To speed up the “falling in love” process, that he believes is an inevitable outcome, he decides to kidnap her to accelerate their romance. His chosen match is Francesca Besson, a 24 year old intelligent, strong minded sales executive. Based on said analysis, the two have a 99.3% compatibility ratio. Are science and mathematical laws powerful enough to manufacture a relationship? Can a person make someone fall in love with them against their will? Find out in this romantic suspense of a modern tale that is Twisted Seduction. Written by Dominique Adams & Tom Broadwell
Plot Keywords: love, note thrown from a window, spitting out food, animal in cast credits, playing guitar
Country: Canada
Box Office
Budget: CAD 30,000 (estimated)


  1. I saw Twisted Seduction at the Fantasial film festival in Montreal and absolutely LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! I did not know what to expect from it, I thought it was going to be a scary movie but it turned out to be somewhat romantic. I went to see it with my girlfriends and we totally got into it. It started a bit slow, but then it got SO GOOD. The acting was strong, the dialogues very intelligent and realistic. The director did a good job to make the story believable. It was his first film. He was there with the actor and answered few questions after the film It was his first film. I can't wait to see more of his films.

    The ending was totally unexpected! One word to describe this film… ENTERTAINING!

  2. "This movie gave hopes to me and my friend ,who has a dream to make short film and movies on our own."

    Its basically a story ,I can can say short story about a genius British guy,who is a strong believer of science.He is socially introvert and a little uptight .After being a failure in finding a perfect match for him in so called traditional method of dating ,he decide to do its in way of science .He took the data of all suitable women in that area and put a algorithm to search and narrow a match down for him.And he find one .Now kidnaps a woman and convinced that by following certain psychological steps and well planned charm, her brain will have no choice but to trigger feelings of love towards him. Well lets see if science can calculate love.

  3. I actually just finished watching it. on Snag Films.

    I started off just clicking random points through the movie, but soon found myself watching the entire move start to finish. I thought the story was fantastic. It was believable, interesting and well acted. The two actors extremely believable. While I was rooting for David through the entire movie, it's a movie that I could see being in theaters with the majority of the population rooting for Francesca. Congratulations on making a top quality movie. I would pay money to see this in the theaters.

    I think you've proved that it doesn't take a million dollar Hollywood budget to make a masterpiece. I found it riveting. You've hit the core of this dynamic better than anything I've ever seen. The psychological aspects kept the suspense going through the entire film and the ending was a great twist…

    The ending made me want to see a sequel!!

  4. I was searching for trailers on the web for the "Fifty shades of Grey" book series and I landed on a trailer for the indie flick "Twisted Seduction".

    It got my interest within the first few seconds of the trailer because it dealt with the same general subject matter / erotic thriller / submissive-dominant tone.

    So I Googled it to find out where I could watch the film and found it in a free streaming form, on the official movie site.

    I started with low expectations, since there was a message from the director at the beginning, stating that they made the film with $30K of their own money.

    The first 15 minutes were a bit slow and creepy, but I quickly started to be deeply invested in the characters. I was soon loving every minute of it. The director was a master at building a deep connection between the characters and the audience.

    Towards the end, the movie had already exceeded my expectations and delivered fully, but it came back with a double twist and left me completely surprised. It is THE best independent movie I've seen my entire life. The ending is simply UNGUESSABLE. TWO THUMS UP!

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