DVD Venus & Vegas

DVD Venus & Vegas
DVD Venus & Vegas

Run time: 95 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime
Director: Demian Lichtenstein
Writers: Eddie Guerra
Stars: Donald Faison, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Eddie Guerra
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…well it’s a whole other matter when you live there! Eric (Eddie Guerra) and Tara (Jaime Pressly), a couple living in Vegas are really in need of a major event — to help them breakup already! He knows she’s dating someone new, but can’t let her go. Desperate to win back her heart, and convinced that his “unemployed” status is the cause of all their problems, Eric agrees to join his buddies Stu (Donald Faison) and Alex (Eddie Kaye Thomas), whose principle talents are scamming and avoiding adulthood, and with girlfriend problems of their own, when they discover the easy score of a lifetime-a boatload of casino chips sitting in a warehouse. The casino chips belong to old-school Vegas mobster Frank Santino (Jon Polito) and just happen to be counterfeit. If it happens in Vegas, it’s bound to get messy! And when the score doesn’t go exactly as planned, comedy and mayhem ensue as Alex is taken prisoner by the Santinos, while Eric and Stu end up… Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: casino, girl in panties, pink panties, panties, las vegas nevada
Country: USA
Release Date: December 2010 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I always like to consider the mood I was in before I started watching any movie and the mood I am left in after the movie ends. There are movies such as in the case with Venus & Vegas that I find leave me with that satisfied feeling of coming out of the movie theater on a Saturday afternoon. It is simple in plot, moves along at a steady pace, has numerous characters (some you like, and some you don't) and with pockets of silly humor that lighten my thoughts to consider "life should be simple".

    The movie consists of a good cast with actors Eddie Kaye Thomas, Donald Faison, and Eddie Guerra as three buddies who devise a get rich scheme to rob a Las Vegas warehouse of fake gambling chips that just happens to be owned by a mobster played by character actor Joe Polito.

    Of course the three main characters have women coming in and out of their lives and these actresses not only make good eye candy but hold their own strong character portrayals which adds good content and more humor to the movie. The girlfriends are played by Molly Sims, Roselyn Sanchez and Jaime Pressly.

    Another good performance was also played by Abraham Benrubi as Bruno, the muscle for Jon Polito's mobster character Frank. With lots of action and miscues and lots of interesting characters I quite enjoyed Venus & Vegas and I will make sure to watch it again when I need to forget about everything and escape in to a good mood for 95 minutes.

  2. An unfunny movie that is all over the place plot-wise, yet isn't nearly as clever or funny to keep one interested, much less entertained. I felt bad for the one notable actor in the film, Jon Polito, who appears to be slumming it in this tale of a trio of idiot petty criminals who run afoul of the local mafia boss. There's also a few side-plots, one involving Jamie Pressly being the same character she always plays, the other two are more ridiculous. Not ridiculous in a funny way, just stupid and inconsequential.

    Anyway, I know humor is very subjective but I hardly managed a grin much less a laugh from this dreary little film.Having seen it on Netflix I didn't exactly go out of my way to view it. So silver lining and all.

  3. OK. I am going to be quick on this one. this is a very average movie. even below average at points. some chuckles. not any great laughs. mediocre story. not bad, not very good either.

    the only thing that left me with a happy feeling after watching this was Eddie Kaye Thomas's acting (the guy from American Pie, the one with Stifler's mom)

    he is brilliant. i think he is going to be a great comedian. he has so much more potential. just take the horse track scene. perhaps the only hilarious scene in the whole movie. and look at him in other scenes. he *can* act physically. and just look at his face movements. i really think he should be given a better chance in bigger movies.

    and i can't figure out why his scenes are funny and OK, but other scenes are sometimes so boring and borderline bad.

    could it be his are written by a separate writer? or others are not 100% acting their best (and they are good actors, from hilarious shows). i don't know….

    to sum it up it's worth a watch. only if to watch Eddie's scenes.

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