DVD When Soldiers Cry

DVD When Soldiers Cry
DVD When Soldiers Cry

Run time: 120 min
Rating: 1.9
Genres: Action | War
Director: Joe Black
Writers: Joe Black
Stars: Jess Weber, Douglas Szczesny Jr., Kristin Sargent
1965 South Vietnam, two American Soldiers find themselves trapped in the Jungle with a War surrounding them. The only thing keeping them alive is the promises in their hearts they kept to their families – to return home at any cost. One Soldier, Private David M. Church awakes from being rendered unconscious to find all of his squad killed by the Vietcong. Three Days by foot, he must travel to the Landing Zone for extraction. In the distant Jungle, Church comes across an injured VC and makes him pay for the lives of his squad. Payment comes in the form of a bullet to the VC shoulder. Moving closer Church finds out the farmer dressed VC is actually an American Tunnel Rat. Mentally broken, Church carries the Tunnel Rat closer to the LZ. Along the way Church finds other American Soldiers in need of help. Death follows as Church makes a gallant effort to save lives in dire desperation to reach the LZ. The VC, and one of his own claim anyone that attempts to leave the Jungle. Church reaches… Written by Joe Black
Plot Keywords: vietnam, killed by a falling tree
Country: USA
Release Date: 2 February 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $8,000 (estimated)


  1. First off i have to say i never watched the full thing but i saw enough!, If someone ever asks me what the worst movie ever made is i'll now have my answer. I'll assume that whoever made this abomination will be reading this………what were you thinking?? it looks to me like you woke up one day and thought hey i'll make a movie and then proceeded to make it that same afternoon with whatever was lying around the house. The acting if you can call it that was cringe worthy, where ever you found them you really need to send them back and make them promise never to attempt acting again.By the way actually pointing the camera at the "actors" would be a good idea should you feel the need to terrorize the public with another "movie" Personally I think you should put down the camera and step away before someone gets hurt. You probably feel i'm being harsh and you may be right but i feel it my duty to stop others from being harmed.

  2. This must be the worst movie I have ever seen, bar-none. The acting embarrassed me where I sat. The camera work was a disaster. Many shots were out of frame. If this was some random artistic method, it is impossible to tell. The editing, if you call it that, was lacking and disgusting. It wouldn't surprise me to learn the movie was made, start to finish, in one day. Shot in one day using the first and only take on every scene. It reminds me of an amateur home video of someone in their backyard in a Midwestern suburb. Luckily his name was plastered on the movie poster and DVD cover, so if I have the misfortune of coming across anything associated with Joe Black in the future, I will be able to relocate said material to the nearest toilet where it belongs, and be able to sleep soundly knowing I performed an outstanding work of charity on that day. One minute is all you need to watch to know how miserable your life could be should you let the movie continue to play. It is not even amusingly awful. It is painfully poor.

  3. Really….did he steal it? He stole valuable minutes of our lives with a fantasy Vietnam film.

    I say fantasy because NOTHING about this film in any way resembles the RVN that I fought and bled in.

    And none of his characters would have lasted 1 day in the field.

    There was no such infantry job as "tunnel rat".

    Everyone in an infantry platoon sans Platoon: Leader, Sgt and Medic took their turn crawling in holes and walking point.

    And if any moron puffed a stinking cigar when we were about to engage, I WOULD HAVE SHOT HIM.

    Most of the so-called Vietnam war movies have no resemblance to what it was like and some like the Rambo and Chuck Norris films bordered on satire.

    At least they were entertaining and often had SOME bit of help from a consultant.

    This piece of garbage has NOTHING……. no entertainment value, poor actors, no direction, and a ridiculously dishonest portrayal of wartime Vietnam's jungle.

    It's amazing that someone could throw away so much money in these hard times.

  4. There is nothing I like more than settling into my daily two hour commute with my PSP loaded up with a good movie. This morning was the turn of "When Soldiers Cry". I have since decided to make my own movie called "When Commuters Cry" All I need is a camcorder, a few mates with absolutely no acting talent… whatsoever, no script required we can make that up as we go along. I intend filming it on location at my buddy Jim's back yard. He has a few trees and a river, looks totally like Nam, especially when we use the soft focus setting on the camcorder. I managed to watch only 10 minutes of "When Soldiers Cry" so must admit, I never did find out when they do. I pride myself on the fact that I can stick out pretty much any movie. Hey I am stuck in a metal tube traveling at 60mph, nothing better to do right? Wrong. The first ten minutes of this movie is easily the worst piece of film making I have ever experienced. If anyone, other than Mr Black (And stop voting for your own movie Joe) has seen the full movie, counseling is an option.

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