DVD Ye Maaya Chesave

DVD Ye Maaya Chesave
DVD Ye Maaya Chesave

Rating: 7.7
Genres: Romance
Director: Gautham Menon
Writers: Umarji Anuradha, Gautham Menon
Stars: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Krishnudu
Karthik finishes engineering school and aspires to become a filmmaker. His friend Krishna takes him to director Puri Jagannath and pleads with him to take him as his assistant. Meanwhile, Karthik accidentally meets his landlord’s daughter Jessie and falls for her at first sight. Despite being younger than her, Karthik expresses his wish to love her. Her father Joseph will not accept his daughter to marry a Hindu. Jessie is torn between Karthik and her family. Will Karthik win his lady love, and will he fulfill his dream of becoming a filmmaker? Written by P.V.
Country: India
Release Date: 26 February 2010 (UK)


  1. While most other Telugu films continue to be the same routine of blowing up SUV's and long winded dialogs of bravado, Gowtham Menon puts out a love story that is so simple it is ingenious. Ye Maaya Chesave is the story of a girl named Jessie a Christian and a guy named Karthik who is a Hindu. It turns out she is also older than him and her father disapproves of him. She doesn't want to disappoint her dad nor can she let go off Karthik. How the movie turns out needs to be seen on the big screen. Naga Chaitanya as an aspiring filmmaker brought out the right dosage of charm and conviction to the role. Newcomer Samantha was a perfect fit for the role of Jessie. She had a dream debut and hopefully we will see more of her. Gowtham Menon showed that there is still place in the industry for a girl who doesn't need expose nor for a guy to throw out vulgar dialogs. Krishnudu as the friend of Karthik is very apt and provides great comedic relief. 80% of the movie focuses on Karthik and Jessie that you even forget there are other characters. While some may consider the movie slow and long winded Menon took the opportunity to make the movie that focuses on it's story and nothing else, no separate comedic track or a villain or any of that. Watch out for cameo's from Puri Jagannath, Simbu and Trisha.

    A huge tip of the hat to the maestro A.R. Rahman for providing some melodious music and background score that really add to the film. This is him first Indian film since his Oscar victories. One of the real stars is cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa. The way he captured Kerala and it's surroundings as well as New York City is just a visual feast to the eyes and to be seen on the big screen. He really was able to capture why Kerala is called "God's own Country".

    For me personally this is the best family movie on the Telugu screen since Bommarillu.

  2. It's a beautiful movie. Most of the love stories go through the situations pictured in the movie, though the ending in Telugu is predictable. But it doesn't matter as most of the film revolves around the two principled characters describing their journey.

    Many of the situations in the movie stand out. The whole sequence of samantha asking chaitanya to take her to a movie and then finally as they return back home, their small dispute is very engrossing.

    Even the dialogues are so simple, there is no loud music, bang-bang going on and finally samantha is mesmerizing. She allures you and even her acting for a first timer is brilliant. The scene where she asks chaitanya about why he is so crazy about her is terrific; her expressions, body movement and the way she speaks is superb. Also to be lauded is the person who dubbed the dialogues to samantha.

    Kudos to chaitanya also for underplaying so wonderfully and trying to venture into subtle kind of cinema.

  3. Ye Maya Chesave…It's about the love and only love,,,, i never seen a movie like this on telugu screen… I would like to appreciate Mr Gautham Vasudev Menon for his brave attempt…it is a movie of excellency…

    It is the story about two people and their feelings (excitements,conversations,fighting's & pain ) in love… the characters in this movie are so realistic and romantic… dialogues are very nice & simple, just like how we would talk to anyone in real life…Music by AR Rahman is excellent… songs are picturised well and placed nicely in the movie…

  4. Reconsider before watching this film.The cliché's were too much to take and I kept thinking to myself whether or not the character's had gone mad! Granted, some people say that if a movie affected you enough to make you write a review about it, then the directer has done his job. Nevertheless, I am wondering whether or not a romance constitutes of complete confusion, wish-washy promises, and a complete disregard of logic. If so, then this is the general theme of the entire movie with an ending that satisfies all. Not to mention the complete lack of complexity of the female protagonist. (Spoiler) She barely spoke, and when she did, it was either reproachingly or overly dramatic. Either way, she was semi-obedient to her parents until she finally stood up for herself. That annoyed me the most. A female has to mature before she comes to her senses? She may have been two years older, but she certainly did not act like it. Adults, I'm assuming, speak their minds. Why couldn't she when Karthik did? The male lead, Karthik, did that way before she did even though he cowered away from Jessie's family when they were arguing with his. In conclusion, it is a mind-boggling film and if you want to be confused, go ahead, and watch it.

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