DVD Le ultime 56 ore

DVD Le ultime 56 ore
DVD Le ultime 56 ore

Run time: 107 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Action | Drama
Director: Claudio Fragasso
Writers: Rossella Drudi
Stars: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Barbora Bobulova, Libero De Rienzo
Plot Keywords: box office flop, digit in title, leukemia, italian army, bosnia
Country: Italy
Release Date: 7 May 2010 (Italy)


  1. A great cast lead by an unexpected Gianfraco Tognazzi, a great Luca Lionello and a much underrated Libero Di Rienzo can't manage to survive the heavy, overwrought and ultimately, unintentionally hilarious screenplay. The close to the knuckle story needed a writer with a minimum of culture and flair. Here, Claudio Fragasso, the director, shows how competent he can be behind the camera but he's tied up to a script that doesn't allow any form of truth to emerge. The characters don't have a coherent psychological path to travel. Everything is on the nose and hammered on, again and again. I felt frustrated because here there is a strong film trying to come out and at every turn, an insane piece of dialogue will destroy the intention to a pulp. Pity.

  2. I wonder why, Claudio Fragasso, the last exponent of the Italian action movies, 70's style, persists in working with a script writer that hasn't learn the first thing about structure, character and least of all dialog. The film had the potential for a strong, committed, action packed, smart yarn. Good actors. I like in particular Luca Lionello but the script…makes the whole thing appear ridiculous. The characters move through illogical, melodramatic patterns. The dialog, specially in the most problematic second part is absurd and not in a fun kind of way but infuriatingly so. What's the reason behind it? Every bit of credibility flies out of the window and I didn't know if to laugh out loud or run out of the theater. I feel Fragasso has a good eye and he could come out with a real action flick if he had a good script to base it on.

  3. " The Last 56 ore" of Claudio Fragasso it is an pleasant surprise, optimal film. Very written from Rossella Drudi and wise turned from Fragasso, here perhaps in its greater artistic maturity. " Last the 56 ore" it is a social-thriller that it holds with the breath suspended to every shot, full load of dramatic turn of events and changes of situations, with good result, in atmospheres and the pathos. With this film, a various way has been born to use the cinema of kind, the thriller in this case, in order to denounce serious of world-wide importance, always hidden like the damages provoked from Depleted Uranium and its effects in the men, atmosphere, water, earth and sky. As it comes very told, Depleted Uranium comes used in the crews of all the armies. The actors interpret the roles with ability and seriousness. Gianmarco Tognazzi on all, then Luca Lionello with its crowds, good performance. The actors, served from a good text, render their performance well. While the character of the sick one, interpreted from Burruano, false extension a crazy one, that laughing the truth says. Only intelligent note, granted to the comedy, with irony to break off the tension. This film is an example of European cinema, indeed, of cinema without borders, the history is d' world-wide interest. I do not understand because, instead exiting in he knows them to May, the production has not waited for in order to carry it to the festival of Venice, showing the foreign distributors, a true, Italian and exportable film, outside from the usual made rhetorical of the Mafia and history sluices within same they. Brave the authors and the producer, in order to have chosen to carry this history on the screen and in order to have made it in a new way. The film is not a documentary, not part from report history, the history is of pure fantasy, but how much happens is more than real. Moreover to join the civil denunciation, all' inside of a thriller, is not little thing and the result is successful. Seeing it is had it l' impression to assist to two various films that s' they embed then, in an only film, with a end to surprise. It cannot be exited from knows it without to remain some moved. I have seen the film to festival of Montreal the 2010, in the section outside competition, where they introduce the best of the international cinema and this is to demonstrate that I have reason. Many fine applause's to projection. Absolutely to see.

  4. March 13, 2013. It's been 3 years since my review of this, and with great pleasure I find that the movie "The last 56 hours," he got a good success abroad, being distributed throughout Europe and in Russia, Japan, China and India. In addition to Isralele, Iran and Iraq, where he was also subtitled Kurdish. As always happens in these cases, seeing him today, outside the usual speculation Italian policies, the film takes on an entirely different meaning. Tips to see him and judge him as he deserves without being biased and without being influenced from printing property of those who have interest in continuing the trade and sale of depleted uranium weapons, weapons that give death more than others, but always chooses the business to life. I agree, great and brave film.

    "Last the 56 hours" it is a great beautiful film. Fascinating history and very written, much action and suspense, originate them like film of denunciation told like a thriller. "Last the 56 hours" it tells as the soldiers of the born in the war missions are died, not killed from the enemy, but from the contained radioactivity in the crews "uranium impoverish" that it provokes the cancer. The truth on the syndrome of the desert and the syndrome of the Balkans, finally told in a film of great courage hard emotionality and adrenalin. The scene all' hospital carries out an instructive dialog and touching, or to scientific level that human, where finally the truth says it self on the dead men for cancer of the soldiers in war." Last the 56 ore" he tells a history of social denunciation and civil, using the thriller psychological, the personages are real in the cinematographic fiction. Beautiful one mix of kinds, with the just equilibrium between drama, comedy and thriller. E' been born a new kind? … I say of, good and bravo the authors.

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