DVD Steampunk

DVD Steampunk
DVD Steampunk

Rating: 4.3
Genres: Action | Drama | Fantasy
Director: Billy T. Boyd
Writers: Billy T. Boyd, Nathan Meek
Stars: Gareth Evans, Jaime Pittenger, Chad Burns
Willie Norrister is the undefeated champion in the bare knuckle boxing ring. Jonathan ‘Stars’ Starsmore is an unlicensed doctor of a sort– the only kind most people in Stoatpamphlet can afford. Ghery is a singer in a bar who dreams of better things. And Hennison is the mysterious man in black. Willie and Stars find themselves on the bad side of the under lord of Stoatpamphlet– a notorious kingpin by the name of Merrin. Hang on for a wild ride as they navigate assassins, crooked bookies, sky pirates, and the law as they try to survive in the twisted world of Steampunk. Written by B. Boyd
Country: USA
Release Date: 5 September 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)

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