DVD Vers 2009: La Légende de Saint Julien L’Hospitalier

DVD Vers 2009: La Légende de Saint Julien L’Hospitalier
Run time: 87 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Fantasy | Mystery
Director: Jean Seban, Virgile Novarina
Writers: Jean Seban
Stars: Amandine Breheret
Flaubert writes from the hero St Julian the Hospitaller: ‘He knew that was hunting in some country since an indefinite time, through the very fact of his existence, as everything seemed to occur with the ease one experiences in dreams.’ This film follows this dream and the indeterminacy of time, this action place, particular, we could outline this way: the metamorphosis of a child in a parricide, then from parricide in a saint. This action, Flaubert took it from ‘The Golden Legend’ and stained glasses in Rouen then made it a tale. The film replays the story and mainly follows Flaubert’s text. The images’s meaning, the more than musical’s film structure, with Flaubert’s text, is the one of a free loyalty, a correspondence. Written by Anonymous
Country: France
Release Date: January 2013 (France)

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