DVD Alexander the Great

DVD Alexander the Great
DVD Alexander the Great

Rating: 3.6
Genres: Action | Drama
Director: Murali Nagavally
Stars: Mohanlal, Aswathy Ashok, Ashwathi
Plot Keywords: photographic memory, dubai, character name in title
Country: India
Release Date: 7 May 2010 (India)


  1. What happened to Alexander the Great? Or should I call it Alexander the Unbelievable?!

    Yes, as always, Mohanlal packs a punch and even pulls the strings of our heart with his endearing performance. But there is something wrong here. He plays a character who's a genius in Maths, has a photographic memory – although he never graduated as a doctor, he still recalls every action of a surgery class he attended in medical college years ago enough to operate on an asthmatic woman now!, sings and plays musical instrument very well and even fights well too! Now, there is a limit to how much we can believe a person can do. Agreed, this is only a movie but keeping the plot believable makes the viewer interested in watching it. Besides, almost all scenes are shot in boring locations. Most of the time, our characters are shown holed up either in a hotel room or in the house. Nothing appealing stuck in my mind, except as I said, Mohanlal and Jagadish's acting. Jagadish is another actor whose comedy & buffoonery in this movie, partly saved it from sinking to the pits. There was really no need for macho Tamil actor Bala or the famous danseuse Sudha Chandran here. They were wasted. New heroine, Aswathy Ashok is pretty and gave some glamour to this otherwise plain fare. Nothing else stays in our mind, including the cinematography or the music.

    So any credit for this movie is equally shared between Mohanlal & Jagadish. But unfortunately even they could not save it from being a dud.

    Verdict: Thumbs down. One movie which you can give a miss and not actually miss Mohanlal!

  2. There is a reason this movie flopped in the box office. Mohanlal does a decent job. Bala speaks bad English but his girl is beautiful. Jagadeesh overacts little than usual. Siddhique being a villain does not have much to do except hold a cellphone and talk. Alexander is a math genius so he wins a global math quiz which helps bala escape to his house with Alexander and his pretty girl. The money lenders are after bala so he needs to escape from them. The plot is a letdown and seems to misuse Mohanlal's skills. There is no chemistry between the actors. Nedimoodi Venu is wasted in his doctor role. The story drags a lot and you get easily bored.

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