DVD Iron Lord

DVD Iron Lord
DVD Iron Lord

Run time: 100 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Action | Biography | Drama
Director: Dmitriy Korobkin
Writers: Koshkina Marina
Stars: Aleksandr Ivashkevich, Svetlana Chuykina, Aleksey Kravchenko
The beginning of XI century in Russia or Rus. Kievan Rus is composed of the principalities that are governed by the sons of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Princes with their men collect tribute then sending it to their father in Kiev. In the north-east of Russia is the most distant principality of Kiev – Rostov. Prince Vladimir sends his son Yaroslav to rule in Rostov, when he turns 11 years old. Jaroslav grows under the tutelage of the boyars, who run the principality, while he is small. Growing up, Jaroslav takes power into their own hands, expanding the principality, and attaches the new lands. But this is not an easy task. Bandit gangs keep ruling in the woods, along the roads and rivers . Their main occupation is the slave trade. Gangs sell people to the Bulgars and the Khazars, and they send the slaves for resale to the lower reaches of the Volga. More and more often the Jaroslav’s squad, goes for tribute and finds empty, ransacked settlements of the tribes Meria. Rostov region … Written by IVassiliev
Plot Keywords: boyar
Country: Russia
Release Date: 14 October 2010 (Russia)
Box Office
Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)


  1. This is a very difficult film to follow. So many characters, so many allegiances, so much betrayal… Game Of Thrones it ain't, though. What it is, is what us in the motoring sector call 'serviceable', in that it gives us the requisite number of battles, some mediocre drama and not a razor in sight. What it fails to do is inject much life into these reliable old stand-bys, and consequently you sort of feel entertained (if rather confused), but you get the feeling you could be doing something better.

    If it's a quiet day, you've taken the dog for a walk, the kids are at school and the wife is having an affair with your best mate… than this certainly beats painting the fence. If, on the other hand you have access to other, more well known epics, like I dunno… Braveheart or Last Of The Mohicans, either through the medium of DVD of the miracle of Film On Demand, than you may want to take a rain check on this. But the choice, as they say, is yours. 5/10

  2. I am highly surprised to be the first to comment this Russian film shot two years ago. I guess that in eastern Europe, the people over there have access to the web…Or to theatres.

    It was released in France in DVD. Well, during the first minutes, I expected, I did not know exactly why, to watch something in the line of THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR…

    What a deception. Not a bad movie, but so…How could I explain?

    So predictable, so much "déjà vu". Yes: "déja vu". Full of clichés you have seen a million times before. Nothing to do with John Mac Tiernan's powerful, fantastic film. But it remains a pretty acceptable time waster. It deserves to be watched. I preferred CENTURION, made in 2010 too. It was far better than this.

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